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The Airlines industry is using the business intelligence that can process airline related data so that the activities can maximize profits while fulfilling customer requirements. An airline company that has two options to extract useful decision support information with processing data by using general-purpose business intelligence systems or processing data by using industry specific business intelligence systems. Both of these options have both advantages and disadvantages for the airline companies that intend to use them.

            The general-purpose business intelligence systems that using by some Airlines industries are IBM Cognos Business Intelligence Software and Birst Software.

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            The advantages of IBM Cognos Business Intelligence Software is a tool that able analyse trend, advanced analysis and analytical reporting. It also self-service functionality with enables working offline or on mobile devices, interactive dashboard and operation for multiple users and friendly user interfaces. This system also able to integrate with other APIs. The disadvantages of this software are relatively high entry cost compared to other similar software products, not designed for the beginner or inexperienced users, difficult error tracking as error messages contain little useful information and large installer compared to other similar software products.

            The advantages of Birst Software is compatible with a wide array of data sources, refines multiple heterogeneous data into a uniform business data tier, assures accuracy and consistency of data, interactive dashboard, friendly user interfaces, able to works on both cloud and local data and easy to integrate with other products. The disadvantages is administration work are more difficult than on other similar software products. Otherwise, it also needs good system resources to offer results in a timely manner, the user interface is confusing and high cost for small companies.

The specific business intelligence systems that using by some Airlines industries are Teradata Airline Decisions and IATA Business Intelligence & Statistics Services.

The main characteristics of Teradata Airlines Decisions is passenger management functionalities that helps airlines to maximize aeroplane usage while avoiding overbooking, shows passenger behaviour according to the available data, offers insight into the causes of trends that are observed, multiple analysis tools with ad-hoc analysis and exception alerts.

The IATA Business Intelligence & Statistics Services main characteristics are numerous tools designed for the airline industry, different from other business intelligence software providers through the fact that it also offers access to industry specific data, it also useful to other agents operating in the transportation domain, offered at a global level, with globally gathered data.

In conclusion, general purpose business intelligence systems offer to companies more flexibility and a wider range of instruments, but at the same time, they are not as adapted to the needs of airline companies as the current. But the way, specific business intelligence systems provide solutions to specific problems that airline companies are facing, offering even access to specific data interesting to such companies.