The to say. He showed Lincoln drafts of his

first meeting sprung a friendship between the two men. Lincoln was sympathetic
to Douglass’ concerns. Douglass insisted on the equal treatment of slaves,
and Lincoln listened to him. He “promised that he would ‘sign any commission'” (Oakes, 215). Lincoln’s behavior
towards Douglass demonstrated much about his feelings about him and how his
views towards blacks had changed. The second meeting also allowed Douglass to
grow a fonder opinion towards Lincoln. After the meeting Douglass stated, “… I was never
reminded of my humble origin, or of my unpopular color” (Oakes, 232).  He appreciated Lincoln for treating him no
less than any other white man. Furthermore, Lincoln took into consideration
what Douglass had to say. He showed Lincoln drafts of his statement and asked
for his opinion on it. The two men were able to freely share their opinions
with each other and Lincoln even considered him as a friend. Douglass
ultimately realized Lincoln’s slowness in publicizing the Emancipation
Proclamation, and “denounced Lincoln as a man who did evil by choice and right
by necessity” (Oakes, 232).  It
became clear how Douglass’ opinion toward Lincoln changed after meeting him.

Lincoln and Douglass did not meet until the summer of 1863, their relationship allows
us to gain an understanding on how Douglass felt about society, and Lincoln.

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The war was a significant factor in their relationship because it allowed them
to share their political ideologies, which allowed them to come to terms with
one another in a political and moral sense. They were able to clear their
misunderstandings about each other. After Lincoln was assassinated, Douglass described
his death as “a personal as well as a national calamity” (Oakes, 245). Douglass
felt devastated by his death, and acknowledged the positive change Lincoln has
brought in the nation. Lincoln even left his cane with Douglass as a sign of
deep appreciation and respect towards him. Their relationship is significant to
our history because it lays the foundations of race relations in our nation.