The the whole journey, at every check point, the

The mother and the daughter wake up and walk through a tunnel, very dark, but has a light at the end. Before this scene the mother is in the home looking at pictures of her family, tears in her eyes. That sets up the tunnel scene so well, showing that in life we make so many sacrifices, leave so many things behind in order to achieve our goals. The tunnel representing the hardships in life and the light representing that at the end of the path there’s always hope, even if everything that gave you hope is was left behind. The way to the border is a huge symbol of hard work and perseverance. This mother and daughter went on this road filled with danger but not once did they give up. There was rain, thunder, sever heat, getting on moving trains, coyotes, life and death encounters but they didn’t give up. No matter how hard things go for the two they kept going and working towards the end goal. They did all this order to get to the United states and seek new opportunities for a better life. The strongest symbolism in this ad had to have been the U.S flag that the daughter gave her mother. Through the whole journey, at every check point, the little girl kept a piece of something. From the candy wrapper of the candy her grandpa had given her to the ripped plastic bag, the girl saved up. Through everything she saved along the journey she managed to make the flag. Every bit of tat flag holding a memory along the way. It represented the American Dream, the dream that if you work hard enough and save up, persevere through all the hardships, and never give up, one can achieve their goals.Lastly the creators utilized mood very effectively in this ad. One couldn’t help but truly feel the pressure of everything that was being portrayed, the feelings and the emotions of the mother and daughter. The journey the mother and the daughter went through was filled with gloomy settings, creating a dark and suspenseful mood. The beginning of the journey began with thunder and rain as the pair ran through it all and ended with the sun shining through the door on the wall. Before the light there was darkness. As the viewer one could truly feel the disappointment of the mother and daughter as they walked up to the door. The disappointment and grief.  This stood out the most for the mood progressed as the journey did, the light shining through that door brought happiness and relief to not only the mother and the daughter but the viewers. Not only was the mood utilized so well but the transitions of mood. The creators truly did a great job of effectively achieving their purpose via this ad. Through every scene in this add one could see the great lengths someone will go through to achieve success, the grit to make it through any condition, and the perseverance to adapt to any situation or challenge. The rhetorical devices were used extremely well, from symbolism to mood the ad captured it all.