The the Soviets would not follow many procedures and

first red scare was a period during the early 20th century where American
society feared the notations of bolshevism and anarchism from the likings of
Soviet Union separatist revolutions at that time. During the red scare, US
citizens feared immigrants who believed in thoughts of communism that
threatened the integrity of the US constitution ( Communism is
a style of society, similar to socialism, where the government seizes all productions
and controls businesses to all fair and equal practices (Britannica). The
red scare eventually was squashed due to the importance of current day events
at that time such as the WWII (U-S-history). Following the world war,
the alliances would split victories to accommodate those of greater loss. Due
to this, the Soviet Union would win most of the eastern winnings of Germany and
eventually separate. During the war, the relationship between the US and the
Soviet Union was one of strained as the Soviets would not follow many
procedures and alliances. Although the relationship was strained, both of the
states had realized that coordination would be needed to overcome their general
enemy. This changed the motive during the war, yet it created many constraints
following the war ( Following WW2, the Soviet Union switched to
a strict communist government and started overtaking colonies created after the
break-up of the German empire. In the US, this created a widespread fear of the
spread of communism, mostly of the Soviet Union. This period of time of US
hatred toward the Soviet Union would be labeled as the cold war with the second
red scare as the influence in the United States. Another infamous name for this
such event would be named as McCarthyism. McCarthyism was a major worry of many
people in the 20th century. It featured a senator, Joseph McCarthy,
making false claims of involvements of certain people with communist Russia (
His real purpose was to gain national power and he did but in the same sense he
created a notorious movement that many would fear for years. The Second Red
Scare, or notoriously called McCarthyism, progressed to rapid changes in
American society through the creation of anti-communist organizations, increasing
hatred toward communism, and spread of segregation to not only African
Americans but other widespread cultures.

Page-  One
of the major influences of McCarthyism was the change in relationship between
the Soviet Union through sociological structure and depictions of these actions
through American literature. The back history of the second red scare refers to
another common scare during the time period, labeled McCarthyism. As described
before, McCarthyism was the fear of being accused of having relations with
communist Russia. McCarthyism was labeled after a radical senator from
Wisconsin who spent many years trying to expose communists and other
left-minded communists in the government. Because of the connection to the cold
war, many people believed these statements as true and truly followed his
practices ( This was one example of an influence to
American society as this common widespread fear caused many to pick a side to either
fight or follow McCarthyism. Although McCarthyism was labeled as evil and treacherous,
it did serve a true purpose to start with. It did serve as a way to rid the American
society as to thoughts on destruction of the constitution. Corruptness reached
the peak of McCarthyism when McCarthyism would receive bribes and strike to
reach a greater national power. This greed changed his accusations to those of
innocent US citizens and eventually spread across the nation to create a spread
of innocent fear ( One of the ways that McCarthyism effects
can be seen in American society is through the literature of the time period. One
example of a change in literature is through one of the famous works of renowned
author Arthur Miller. Arthur Miller is a perfect example of an influence of American
society during the second red scare. As McCarthyism overcame the US, Arthur
Miller wrote against McCarthy to portray how corrupt society was and his
wrongdoings. His work influenced many of that time period and were able to stop
McCarthyism ( One example of his works is ‘The Crucible’. The
Crucible describes the Salem Witch Trials during the 18th century of
early US colonies. In the story, small girls were acting and accusing innocent
beings, to gain power, of affiliation with the common fear at that time: The
Devil. This story related to the current day to show how McCarthy had accused innocent
civilians of connections to communism and how he had done this to gain power (
McCarthy would eventually lose power as many powerful politicians lost interest
with him and the country in disbelief of his actions (Rachlis, Kit). The
effects of the cold war would show through McCarthyism as just the fear of the
Soviet Union. This eventually would fall off as the Soviet Union fell in the
late 20th century. Although this may seem as a minor influence,
McCarthyism and the second red scare’s effects can still be seen in the current
day world today. One example of this is the current day relations with North
Korea, a socialist/communist government, firstly influenced by the Soviet Union.
The relationship with North Korea is uncannily similar to that of the Soviet
Union with strained barriers and geographical and social fear.

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3- Another way that the red
scare influenced American society during McCarthyism was through the creation
of man anti-communist organizations to justify or oppose unjust communistic
talks. One example of these organizations would be the responses to McCarthyism
to follow the cleanse of the government of communist affiliated agents. One
example of this would be the House of Un-American Activities Committee. The
House of Un-American Activities Committee held hearings across the country to
investigate communist accusations and activities in the US in education,
government, entertainment, and labor ( This committee originated
from the first red scare but was not put into full effect until McCarthyism. As
described above, the committee held hearings to investigate communist accusations.
One important fact about these meetings would be that they would be public to
show the American society. The influence of this would be the spread of public
scare of investigations and another spread to the corruptness of this
organization. Another similar organization to this would-be Truman’s Loyalty
Security Program. Truman’s Loyalty Security Program was a federal government
funded program that investigated thousands of innocent Americans to identify
support with any communist unions. Similar to the HUAC, this program was intended
to clean the government of any radical communists but ended up with corruptness
as many people who were removed were innocent. This also meant that McCarthy would
have been given the power to replace them with his associates (
Again, there was a purpose to all these trials such as the Communist Party of
the United States of America. The CPUSA was a social organization that held
secret meetings in opposition to the US government. Although this was illegal
according to the law, the CPUSA raised support for candidates and presidential
and other elections through the support of the Soviet Union. This organization would
influence American society through the fear of governmental overtaking through
presidential control by the Soviet Union ( As a counterclaim,
many may argue that these organizations would not be to decrease the effect of
McCarthyism and the red scare yet follow it. This was not always true as
American society argued socially and legislatively against the red scare. Influences
would include new laws and organizations of to stop McCarthy. One example is
the Communist Control act which eliminated all communist elections for any
governmental structure ( This would soothe US society
and decrease the fear and show unity together as a nation. Another example of
an organization is the Internal Securities Act which limited the recognition of
organizations through conflicts with communism ( Overall,
one effect of the red scare on society would be through the creation of
organizations against and following McCarthyism.

Page 4- Another
influence of McCarthyism and the second red scare on American society would be
through the increase of segregation. An example of this would be the shunning
of actors in Hollywood. During WWII, actors portrayed themselves as communists
or other Soviet roles. McCarthy would use this to target them to having
affiliation with the Communist society. This would change American belief in
Hollywood and decrease the industry during the second red scare (,
Red Scare Comes to Hollywood).

Another example of
segregation would be through unions and classes. As tycoons controlled man
major industries, they would bribe McCarthy to target organizations against unions
due to their influence through strikes and other movements. This would expose
the corruptness in McCarthy but still weaken the lower American society as they
would be segregated and fall under the roll of the rich (

Another influence of
McCarthyism would be through the increase of segregation. An example of one is
describe in the book by Jeff R. Woods. Woods describes the scenario as the
battle between southern segregationists and blacks. He talks about how at “the height
of the cold war, southern segregationists exploited the reigning mood of
anxiety by linking the civil rights movement to an international communist
conspiracy.” ( This would influence American society as it
would be the birth of the civil rights movements and serve as a final rest
between the fight of black vs segregation. The influence of segregation through
the red scare would also include the creation of many organizations, laws, and
court cases to resolve issues on segregation. One organization that would
benefit would be the NAACP which fought for many segregationally empowered
rights in sports and other entertainment activities during the 20th
century (

Page 6- The
20th century was tainted by an infamous movement called the second
red scare. The origins of this movement would result to the cold war and its
outcomes would overweight the negatives over the positives. McCarthyism
impacted the 20th century through the need of alertness of
communism, strained relationships, and increased segregation. Although
McCarthyism was a sad moment in American history, it is still important as it
affected the American lifestyle of that time period through literature,
viewpoints, and religion.