The the other side. Brückner gives the gun back

The movie Murderers Among Us is a very informative yet entertaining movie about Berlin after World War Two. In this movie you get to follow both Susanne Wallner and Dr. Hans. Susanne Wallner is a survivor of a Concentration Camp where she spent most of the war in. While returning she admits that she doesn’t believe that mankind is worth saving. Which you really can’t blame her. She was ripped out of her home, put in a concentration camp, now that she is back to her city it is destroyed and in ruins. When she gets back to her apartment she finds out that there is someone else living there. This is when we meet Dr. Hans Mertens, who was apart of the German side during World War Two. Han’s is a depressive man who drinks a lot. Susanne asks Han’s to leave but he refuses to. So she allows him to stay in the apartment as her roommate. Susanne one day finds a letter addressed to Bruckner’s wife. It is to be delivered to his wife if he is to die during the war. So Susanne being the nice human she is asks Han’s about it and he actually gets mad at her for it. So Susanne finds his wife and brings her the letter where she finds out that her husband is still alive. So then Hand goes and see Brückner, who is super excited to see him and invites him over to his house for dinner. At his house, Brückner tells the story to his family, of how Hans had stayed with him during the war. And then he says that when they were attacked by the the other side and how Han’s lended him a pistol to kill himself rather than surrender to the other side.  Brückner gives the gun back to Hans. After Han’s leaves Bruckner’s house he has yet another war flashback. Then he goes and drinks his problems away.Herr Mondschein and Susanne talk about his son once again. Herr Mondschein is starting to lose hope that his son will come back again even though after the physic visit he had a ton of hope that he would return. He feels that he is running out of time, that he is growing old. But Susanne tells him that he is not that he has plenty of time to find his son. Then they talk about Hans and his mental state he is suffering in because of the war. Suzanne  confesses to Her Mondschein that she loves Hans. Hans returns to the apartment once drunk out of his mind. This in my opinion is really when the movie starts to get super interesting. Up until now the movie has been going slowly but at this point it gets interesting.Hans later visits Brückner, who had just looked over a newspaper that talked about the Nazis in Auschwitz and the millions of people who were gassed there. Brückner says that they should go find a bar where there are ” nice girls at” and Hans tells him that he indeed knows of such a place. However Han’s leads Brückner to a deserted area in the ruins of Berlin. As Brückners back is turned, Hans reaches for the gun in his pocket to kill him. At the very last second when we all think it is over, a woman emerges from the ruins begging for help. Her child is choking to death and she needs a doctor. Brückner says that Hans is a Doctor and suggests that he is a good doctor. After some resistance, Hans agrees to go help the dying child, while Brückner goes onto find the bar. The woman leads Hands to her daughter, who is indeed choking to death. Hans creates a funky operating table and looks around the ruined apartment for some other equipment. He performs surgery on her throat, which is the first time he has seen blood since the war. The operation is a success, and Hans manages to save the girl. The mother is super excited and expresses her excitement to Hans which makes him happy to have saved the girl. Hans returns home to the apartment. It is the first time that he has done so without being drunk and he once again professes his love for Susanne. In other news while this is happening Herr Mondschein passes away, which means he never had the opportunity to see his son one last time.Some time passes by and Hans and Susanne celebrate Christmas together in their apartment. Hans is now comfortable telling Susanne the stories about his background as a surgeon. Hans still has something on his mind though, and he puts his gun into his pocket. He leaves Susanne and tells her that he has important business to do. At Brückners factory, employees are gathered around singing Christmas carols. Herr Brückner gives them a Christmas speech and talks of a peaceful Germany, while Hans watches in the background.The story shifts back to Christmas day during the war. Hans is an officer serving under Brückner, who orders the execution of a number of civilians in retaliation for an attack on German soldiers. Hans protests the execution and begs Brückner to rethink his decision, as it is Christmas day. Brückner is far more worried that there is no star on the Christmas tree than the innocent civilians who are about to be executed outside.The civilians are lined up against a wall and executed and the reasons for Hans hatred towards Brückner is revealed. Brückners troops fall under enemy attack and he is injured. Hans gives the gun to Brückner and takes his letter to deliver to his wife.In the present, Susanne reads a journal entry by Hans, in which he has written, The murderers are among us. Hans finds Brückner alone in a dark room. Brückner is at first happy to see him, but Hans plans  become clear very quickly. He demands justice for the murders of innocent men, women, and children. Brückner begins to panic as Hans reveals he wants to kill him .Brückner defends himself by saying that they were” casualties of war.” Just as Hans is about to shoot him, Susanne walks in  and stops him from killing him. She tells him that they have no right to “pass sentence on anyone, but they must seek out justice.” Brückner is then arrested and imprisoned, while he often says he is innocent. Overall I think they movie did a very good job of not only showing the effects the war had on the Jew’s but also the Germans. I enjoyed the movie.