The the mother has adapted strange rules for lurking

The extremely religious mother, Grace lives in a mansion of a house which is always surrounded by fog. Grace has two children, named Anne and Nicholas. These kids are “photosensitive” meaning that they have a very serious allergy to sunlight. Since the children must never be exposed to light, the mother has adapted strange rules for lurking around the house. Such rules as never drawing the curtains and “no door must be open without the previous one being closed (and locked) first”. Since keeping up with the childrens studies and maintaining a proper house is very difficult for a single mother, Grace decides to hire some help. She hires two maids, an old woman names Berthan Mills and a young mute named Lydia, and she hires a gardener, an elder man names Edmund Tuttle. Fortunately, these servants have worked in the house already, but before Grace and her family lived there. As Mills is making breakfast for the children, it is learned that the last set of servants had disappeared a week prior without any notice, as if “they just vanished”. In addition to the old maids disappearing, Anne explains that it was the same day that “mummy went mad” in which Nicholas rebuttals by being in denial about the whole scenario taking place. When strange happening begin to occur around the house, Grace is convinced that there is someone or something else is in the house. Anne then tells her mother that she has being seeing a group of people around the house, a man, women, child named Victor, and a scary old lady whom which Anne has seen the most amount of times. These people have told Anne that “the house is theirs” and threatened to remove the curtains. In fear, Grace and the help search the entirety of the house. While searching for the intruders, Grace finds a “book of the dead” that contains portraits of the deceased in various poses. Although no intruders were found, paranormal events continue to occur. Grace in belief that the house is haunted, attempts to go to town to find a priest. On her way she ends up stumbling upon her husband Charles and brings him back to the house. He spends a few nights at the house until one day he tells Grace that he must leave for the front even though Grace explains that the war is over, making it obvious that Charles is suffering from PTSD. After Charles leaves, the paranormal activity around the house begins to heighten to where one morning all of the curtains have disappeared. Grace moves the children to a room without windows and accuses the maids of removing the curtains and fires them. That night, the children decide to leave the house to find their father, and during their adventures they stumble upon the gravestones of the three servants that they had just hired, Mills, Lydia, and Tuttle, learning that the maids have been dead this whole time. At the same time, Grace found another book of the dead that contained photos of the three servants and rushes off to find the children.