The the education. According to online Cambridge Dictionary schooling

The development process of humanity has
become very different since the industrial revolution of the 18th century.
While Many new institutions are emerging for regularity, continuity and welfare
of social life, many institutions have had to lose their validity. The family
had undertaken the most effective and important task in the education of the
child until the industrial revolution. After this period, the family lost the
priority on the child’s education. The family had withdrawn to a certain point
in society, and the school had begun to take its place. One of the specific
features of the period is the inevitability of transferring child education to
an institution outside the family. With industrialization, women had the
opportunity to work somewhere else outside of the home. This divergence in work
and daily life has also brought about differences in child education (Gündüz, 2006).

At this point, it is useful to identify the
school and the education. According to online Cambridge Dictionary schooling is `education at home’ and education
is ` the process of teaching or learning, especially in a school or college, or
the knowledge that you get from this’. Basically, schooling is about someone
who has documented that they have certain abilities to fulfil certain practices
in society. This refers the levels of diploma to provide the process of
production and consumption in a capitalist society. Each issued certificate
extends existing membership and increases the distance to the rest of the community.  The higher memberships bring along the more
privileged lives and few people will have the opportunity to obtain high
memberships. It does not important how long an individual can go to the school,
what matters is certificates that determine the role of the individuals in
society. On the other hand, education is the learning process to live better
life. Education only takes places in schools; families, social networks or the
internet cannot provide the education. The desire to organize and manage education
and learning cause damage the nature of education. (McCowan & Unterhalter, 2015). 

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The concept of “school” was
problematized in the twentieth century, and it has become one of the main
debates of the educational philosophy. The existence of the school is now open
to debate, including the functioning of the school, its character, its impact
on the individual, and its impact on the shaping of society. It is often argued
that schooling is corrupting education. I completely agree with this opinion
and think that schooling has a negative impact on education.