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The purpose of this article is to provide evidence from published randomized controlled trials that support the effectiveness of myofascial release as a valid treatment option for clients with various ailments. ?A myofascial release is a form of manual therapy that involves the use of gentle, sustained physical touch to connective tissue in the body in order to relieve pain and improve overall body function. While there is ample anecdotal evidence of its success for many clients, there is very little research to support the anecdotal evidence.     This led researchers in this study to find analyze articles that support the anecdotal evidence of the effectiveness of myofascial release as a therapy. Researchers searched electronic databases with specific criteria for articles related to the myofascial release and scored them all on a scale that ranked the quality of the evidence from each of the experimental studies. They found one hundred thirty-three studies overall, however, the strict criteria allowed for only nineteen to be used for evidence.     The studies provided mixed results. Nearly all nineteen of the studies determined that myofascial release was better than no treatment or sham treatments for relieving painful musculoskeletal conditions. However, many of them also concluded that myofascial release was effective when combined with more conventional therapy. One study, in particular, found that, although better than no treatment, myofascial release was inferior to a proprioception neuromuscular facilitation treatment. Lastly, two studies found the myofascial release to be equally effective to more conventional or alternative treatments.     Although the studies provided varying results and evidence, many suggest that the myofascial release can be a useful addition to other more commonly used therapies for pain or discomfort.?    The article acknowledged the limitations of the research articles and experimental studies that were analyzed. The researchers agreed that more experiments need to be conducted to provide the evidence needed to prove myofascial release as an effective therapy option. They are hopeful that as the practice becomes more popular the evidence will be more available for research studies such as this.??    This article has great educational significance as the author states this research is a starting point to further studies in the effectiveness of myofascial release as the accepted method of therapy for people experiencing pain and bodily discomfort. As the popularity of this methodology increases over time the studies will become more evidence-based to support the anecdotal success those who practice myofascial release have experienced.