The sign on a summer German intensive course as

The culture and
traditions of other countries have always fascinated me.Since an early age,I
felt attracted by the variety of languages and their evolution which
subsequently resulted in my interest in communication at all its levels.It was
later when I started to become aware of my already existing passion which grew
inside me throughout years,developing and refining.Only then did I realise that
words do not only “translate”
meanings,but they also convey symbols and feelings.

The chance to attend a
restoration class within(at) an Art
College made me see the words differently: how they can be polished,changed or
seen from new angles.Thus,my passion for art led
me to a particular Oriental culture.My initial contact with Japanese came
through manga and anime. Staying focused on the story the anime was telling I
soon realised I was subconsciously drawn by(to)
the Japanese historical background.Since then,this
passion started to embed itself into my daily activities.I started to
read Japanese literature (Murakami and ?e) and to study the artwork of  Hokusai and Utamaro in which I developed a
great skill of Japanese woodblock printing.Studying them enabled me to see words and pictures altogether shaped
by a culture.I was astounded at how a country with such
a long policy of isolation developed such a rich and varied culture.

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The languages
study has always been appealing to me,but the one that stood up was German.
Before approaching it I was intrigued by its sound.While learning it, the unique syntax led me to
appreciate its grammar: the more complex structures,the greater my desire to
master them.My ability and love for languages helped me discover new ways to
extend my lexical knowledge.I have been
studying German at school for 7 years,but my passion for this language made me
sign on a summer German intensive course as part of Deutsches Kulturzentrum in
Iasi as a continuation of my previously acquired A2.This experience combined
with the impossibility of taking this subject as part of my Romanian
Baccalaureate motivated myself and boosted my autonomous study, currently being
engaged in getting the B1 Goethe Zertifikat.

German culture, history and literature has(have)
increased my enjoyment,giving me (a)greater
appreciation of this language.Although Japanese and German seem
contrasting,I do believe they share balance,generosity,morality,solid principles
on which they are both founded.

Acquiring perspective,shape and color notions,I developed engaging in
different projects: art exhibitions,cathedrals restoration and teaching English
in a summer camp as a volunteer,after successfully passing the Cambridge exam During this time,I learned to experiment,to
work with concepts and to put my own ideas into practice.Still,my creativity is
what truly defines me.Whatever task I endeavor,despite of its nature,I do it in
a innovative way,trying to reach beyond borders,always putting my own limits to
test,enhancing my commitment to give more than to get.

enthusiasm about languages determined me to volunteer at the international
literature festival, FILIT,where I met writers all over the world.Participating
at(in) an English summer camp and
spoken English contests also developed my intercultural communication skills.Being able to discuss topics fluently is something I find exhilarating to
do even in my spare time,which is why I am applying for this course abroad,finding
it entertaining,challenging and equally useful in my future,due to its comprehensive

made me conscious of the passion for these two languages
came as a consequence of a rewarding summer activity at Bucharest University where I had the privilege to be exposed to
many specialised courses and to experience
academic life in (a)genuine environment
which stimulated me even more to study at a higher level.

My dedication and
enthusiasm mean that the challenges new languages
pose to me have never seemed daunting,but rather intriguing and inspiring.Studying
Japanese and German will also engage my thirst for knowledge.It is not enough
for me to simply learn about language,literature or history,I want to know how
they intertwine to form a nation’s identity.