The seats of a dimly lit Lincoln Continental and

The Graveyard ShiftFADE IN:1. INT. VINNIE’S CAR. NIGHT.VINNIE’S car stereo can be heard
growing in sound as the song ‘psycho killer’ comes to a close and transitions
into a sharp- toned radio host talking about the increase in crime in New York.
A FADE IN from black reveals two middle aged Italian American’s seated in the
front seats of a dimly lit Lincoln Continental and a young American man in the
centre of the backseat. VINNE lights a cigarette with the
car’s cigarette lighter and slumps back into the driver’s seat with an aching
groan, while PAUL readjusts the rear view mirror then anxiously shapes his
toupee, unsatisfied with his look. VINNIE glares at PAUL’s head visibly amused
yet withdrawn, deciding to keep his thoughts to himself. FRANKIE polishes his
9mm pistol between his legs and spreads his arms and legs to match the width of
the backseat.FRANKIE(Agitated)It fucking stinks in here, somebody open the windows!VINNIE(Stern)Ay! Watch your mouth you brat, you know who your talking to?PAULHe’s right VINNIE, you should open a window.PAUL What is that smell anyway?VINNIE(Jokingly)It’s probably that roadkill your wearing *gestures towards
PAUL’S toupee*PAUL spins in his chair with an
angered look and his arm raised, ready to slap FRANKIE with the back of his
hand. The car’s trunk creaks open on the
left side bending the metal upward in an unnatural and broken movement, this
captures PAUL’S attention mid slap. FRANKIE winces and sighs with relief then
reclines into the backseat, trying to brush off PAUL’S attempt at assault. The
car bounces and rocks forward then back again as muffled screaming can be heard
from outside the car’s trunk. FRANKIE turns his head towards the rear window of
the Lincoln Continental with a rapid action brought on through a mixture of
fear and adrenaline, while VINNIE lazily turns his neck a few inches to scope
out the rear view mirror before turning his head forward then snapping it back
after catching a glimpse of the devastation inflicted on his car.PAUL(Agitated) You gotta be shittin’ me.FRANKIE PAUL! PAUL! We gotta problem!PAUL(Sarcastically)Ya think?VINNIE (Stern)Did you see what that cocksucker did to my car! PAUL, take care of him.2. EXT. QUIET SIDE STREET. NIGHT.PAUL exits VINNIE’S car
reluctantly; standing up from the car seat with a groan mumbling under his
breath as he approaches LENNY, a slim, greasy and well-groomed man in his late
30s wearing an expensive suit and an excess of cheap jewellery masked behind partially
tied ropes and a tie gag. LENNY, desperately clutching at the
air and dirt in front of him, attempts to crawl away after cutting his leg open
on the twisted metal of the ruined trunk.  PAUL approaches LENNY.PAUL(Jokingly)LENNY I’ve seen cripples run faster than you! *laughs under his
breath* LENNY where are you going? Look what you did to poor VINNIE’S trunk.
Camera pans over to the trunk slowly collapsing on itself and smoke emanating
from the gaping holes.LENNY (Terrified) *LENNY’S tie gag slips from his jaw* FUCK YOU, ASSHOLE, HELP,
HEL- PAUL proceeds towards LENNY and
fastens his tie gag around his mouth once again. LENNY visibly gathers his
strength to charge a kick while PAUL (unaware) lights a cigarette. LENNY uses
all his energy to kick PAUL’S right shinbone. LENNY kicks PAUl as hard as he
can; PAUL stumbles very slightly from the impact and drops his cigarette. PAUL
looks around confused for a brief moment then dramatically the camera drops
from PAULS face to his tailored white suit trousers to a large brown stain on PAUL’S
right trouser leg and an ash mark on his mahogany suede dress shoesPAUL (In disbelief and annoyance)You know how much these pants cost me wise guy! You know what, I
was thinking about taking it easy on you but look at me LOOK AT ME! *Mumbling
under breath* you insensitive prick!PAUL awkwardly wipes the centre of
his shoe on LENNY’S face in two clunky strokes leaving a scar of ash and mud
across LENNY’S mouth as LENNY squirms.VINNIE’S car stereo splutters into life
and begins to belt out the song ‘life in the fast lane’ by the eagles.PAUL Oh ho-ho what a song! Wouldn’t you agree LENNY? Ay, VINNIE turn
it up!VINNIE catches PAUL’S gaze in the
rear view mirror and with knowingness in his eyes, nods subtly into the mirror
turning the radio up full blast.PAUL removes LENNY’S gag.PAULWell wise guy this was one hell of a lame fuck around so let’s
get down to brass tax, any last words?LENNY(Jokingly)That’s some bad hat.LENNY blurts out with a blood
gargling laugh as PAULS face screws in a fit of anger. PAUl reaches for his
revolver, tastelessly plastered with cheap jewels and shiny gold coatings and
extends his arm till locked at the elbow firing all six shots consecutively
after the other into LENNY’S gut. A cloud of thick smoke fills the air in front
of PAULS face. PAUL inhales most of the cloud, coughing and panting for breath
while resting his hands on his knee.PAUL proceeds back towards the car
after catching his breath and with his first step lands his left right shoe
square in dog faeces.PAUL (In disbelief)*Choking on his words* this must be some kind of sick joke!PAUL picks up a muddy stick and
scrapes of the faeces while struggling to balance on one foot. With a heavy
hand PAUL loses the sticks grip on the shoe and flicks some faeces in his face
and eye.Pauls lets out an unmanly
shriek.PAUL’s voice begins to break and
ache as if he were about to sob.PAULThis is ridiculous… what’s next?A police cruiser ignites its
sirens. Its head beams unlit. A POLICE OFFICER parks his cruiser
and turns on the cars head beam lights; aimed directly at the Lincoln
Continental. The POLICE OFFICER takes off his mirrored aviator shades then with
a camera angle change the POLICE OFFICER proceeds to rock himself out of the
car with his heavy build
flying back and forth acting as a projector to launch him out of his chair. The
POLICE OFFICER exits the car with his door open. Dressed in full black and
leather with no indication of a connection to the police, the POLICER OFFCIER
slicks back his greasy jet black hair back into its come over style to cover
his balding head. POLICE OFFICERAlright, we gotta noise complaint, what’s going-Stopping mid-sentence the POLICE
OFFICER drops his flashlight and springs into action stumbling to left and
fumbling with his holster.POLICE OFFICERPAUL, FREEEEZE! PUT THE GUN DOWN AND RAISE YOUR HANDS!PAUL, stopping just short of the
passenger side door, turns around with a shell shocked look on his face. With a
brief pause, PAUL inspects the POLICE OFFICER noticing his suspicious outfit,
confused as to how the POLICE OFFICER knows his name and how he found him,
before coming to the conclusion that this was no POLICE OFFICER but a hitman
for one of many enemies of PAUL’s crime family.PAUL dashes for the car and slams
the passenger door shut smashing the window.Without any hesitation VINNIE puts
the car into first gear and floors the accelerator. The car stereo begins to play
‘Interzone’ by The Joy Division and transitions into non-diegetic score. The
diegetic sounds become silent as the non-diegetic soundtrack plays louder,
replacing non-diegetic sound entirely.The characters all acting out of
experience and instinct assume their positions.FRANKIE calmly winds down the
passenger side window and reaches for his freshly polished pistol while, PAUL
reaches for the submachine gun hidden under the seat and VINNIE pushes the gear
stick from 2nd to 3rd to 4th to 5th
in seconds.PAUL(Sarcastically)I love the graveyard
shift.PAUL grasps the submachine gun with
two hands (already loaded) PAUL removes the rest of the shattered glass with
the butt of his gun and leaps out of the window until his whole upper body is
exposed. PAUL spins around and blindly fires the submachine gun from his hip in
the general direction of the pursuing police cruiser.A bullet catches the POLICE OFFICER
in the shoulder only making him more determined to catch up to the speeding
car.The cars wheels’ screech and burn
as VINNIE steers the car through the dimly lit streets of New York, Queens at
60mph.FRANKIE rears his head out of the
window to line up a shot at the POLICE OFFICER perusing behind. A puzzled look
stretches across VINNIE’S face as he checks the side mirror only to see the
police cruiser suddenly drops in speed.A sharp bend in the road becomes
apparent to VINNIE too late.The car tilts at the turn and flips
x3, throwing PAUL flying out of the window and crushing FRANKIE’S arm.The car begins to settle, mangled
and smoking the car is a wreck. Unconscious FRANKIE mumbles in his
daze. VINNIE lays unconscious faced down on the steering wheel sounding the
horn.A quick pan over from the car wreck
reveals PAUL semi-conscious, in a twisted pile in the gutter of the sidewalk
with his head piece hanging by a thread on the side of his head.The police cruiser approaches
slowly with the sirens blaring.The POLICE OFFICER exits the
cruiser dressed head to toe in black. The POLICE OFFICER throws back his black
leather jacket to reveal a holstered revolver, engraved at the hilt with a
notorious crime family name. His police badge shimmers on his belt in contrast
to the black clothing.The POLICE OFFICER removes his
badge and places it in the left pocket of his black leather jacket and removes
his revolver from the side holster of his torso effortlessly.The POLICE OFFICER walks with a
confidence towards PAUL, his revolver drawn and a cigarette lit in his mouth.He briefly looks around; examining
the dead streets to make sure no one is looking.POLICE OFFICERMR SALIERI sends his regards, PAUL.*handing a cigarette to PAUL*PAUL*Letting out a small defeated laugh lights the cigarette*MR SALIERI, huh, I should’ve seen it coming. THE POLICE OFFICER unloads two
shots directly into PAUL’s head; Proceeding towards the car wreck with his
pistol gripped tightly.FRANKIE lying unconscious in the
backseat of the now wreaked Lincoln Continental is bloodied and verging on
death.VINNIE, while semi- conscious is
coughing out swear words in a daze. Overlooking FRANKIE, the POLICE
OFFICER marches towards VINNIE and places the revolver to his head. Without
hesitation, the POLICE OFFICER fires a shot through VINNIE’S head. VINNIE’S
head violently hits the back of the car seat and the impact of the shot
drenches VINNIE’S brain over the passenger seat and wing mirror of the wreck.
The splash back covers the POLICE OFFICER’S face in blood.FRANKIE awakes without notice,
still brandishing his pistol.FRANKIEAy,*the POLICE OFFICER slowly turns his head with a curiosity* MR
FALCONE sends his regards.FRANKIE unloads the full magazine
from his pistol into the POLICE OFFICER without missing a shot. FADE TO BLACK.OPENING CREDITS. Notes for Mr Silverstone.This is my first draft.Word count:1,887I’ve included two characters that
I’m not sure how to further include other than just briefly mentioning their
names but they are important to the overall story and they might be confusing
if I only mention them briefly without context.Confusing characters:MR. SALIERIMR. FALCONEI intended for these characters to
be the bosses of the protagonist family and the antagonist family.