The receive help and feedback on assignments quickly. “Teachers

The education of future generations is paramount to the success of the world as a whole. Technology is moving forward at a rapid rate and so must the way we educate ourselves and the children of tomorrow. The days of checking out library books or hand writing essays are quickly becoming a thing of the past. The developments in Digital Media now offer students and educators a whole new way to learn and teach like never before.

            Students across the country are often supplied with a laptop during the school day or asked to provide their own. Having this ability to connect to the Web opens up a new world of educational opportunities. Students are able to access information that just a decade or so ago would never have known existed. From news articles to entire books, you can find information on almost anything.

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            More scholastic and for profit education programs have taken to digitalizing their material so it is easier for students around the world to use. Tests can be taking and immediate feedback is provided which allows educators to get a sense of how their students are doing in a faster time frame and to tailor their lessons if need be.

 The ability to Skype with someone halfway around the world or even with your teacher a few miles away makes it easy to create a “Global Platform”. (Chifro Studios. 2014) A “Global Platform ” breaks down the imaginary boarders around the world and lets information flow freely across the Web.

            This dissolving of walls between student and teacher makes the student feel more at ease knowing that they can communicate with their teacher at a moments notice and receive help and feedback on assignments quickly. “Teachers are using social media sites to find out about innovative concepts like “flipped classrooms” or to share the latest iPad apps for high schools. (Power. 2012)” Educators know and understand that technology is moving forward and that they must keep up with the latest trends to keep students engaged. Students today are tech savvy and want more than just a book or PowerPoint; they want hands on, interactive learning.

            Learning has expanded beyond the pages of books or long lectures and moved into the world of Digital Media. Education companies started introducing Apps that are reinventing they way we learn. These Apps go beyond simply learning how to count or the alphabet and into SAT prep, history and educational pod casts that cover any topic imaginable.

            Digital Media is turning traditional education on its head. It is changing the idea of what learning has to be and allowing those who may not have fit the mold to advance beyond where they might have been stuck before. Since the world is quickly becoming a more technological place and you have to know how to use it to succeed it is important to get kids started at a young age so they may develop their skills and build on them. Digital Media’s presence in education will continue to expand and help ensure future generations have access to the most information possible and the best chance for a successful life.