The or another. Whether it’s in the home, on

The Art of Teaching


enjoy teaching because, I love working with others and I believe in the joy of
serving others.  I enjoy the opportunity
to guide and encourage others to do things that may result in the desire to
learn and the ability to achieve. Teaching is a logical production of
information and techniques being taught to students. Therefore, I believe that
knowledge, skills, and attitude are passed down from one generation to the
next, from the teacher to the learner.

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beings have survived and evolved because of their ability to teach one another.
Almost everyone teaches someone else at one time or another. Whether it’s in
the home, on the job, or in school there will always be a teacher and a
learner. I believe that all teachers must have patience and flexibility. I feel
that I have the patience for teaching, as well as, the aptitude for learning
and that I am capable enough to pass this knowledge on to my students.

art of teaching has changed tremendously, I feel that “teaching is a lifelong
learning process of learning about new philosophies and new strategies,
learning from the parents and community, learning from colleagues, and
especially learning from the children” (Cohen & Gelbrich, 1999).  To be a teacher is a great reward. However,
the greatest reward is to watch a student achieve success and to know that you
helped to enrich that student’s life.



debate over the best or better model of education for all students including special
needs student will not be resolved anytime soon. Whether it is mainstreaming,
inclusion, self-contained, and or general education rest assure schools,
parents, and teacher will do their best to address the needs of each and every student.  It will also be assured that each student
receives the best education according to their needs and their least restrictive
environment (LRE) (Chen, 2016).