The of the Titan by Morgan Robertson, predicted many

The Troubled TimesHaydn NesserDue DateTitanic’s PredictionSubheading here       Was the Titanic predicted? 11 years before construction of the Titanic even began. There is a book called Futility, or more commonly known as The Wreck of the Titan by Morgan Robertson, predicted many of the events that happened on April 15, 1912. The ship was similar in many ways. Like Both ships had 24 knots as their highest speedBoth ships sank in april in the north atlantic after hitting an iceberg on the front side.Neither of the boats had enough lifeboats,And both weighed around 55000 tons.Both boats were the largest of their time, “She was the largest craft afloat and the greatest of the works of men.” Both ships had 3 propellers and 2 masts.The Titan sailed from America to England while the Titanic sailed from England to America.The Titan sank on its third voyage but the Titanic sank on its first. The Titanic was bigger, and the stewards department was the same as a  room in a first class hotel. Nevertheless, no expense was spared on making the Titan luxurious. The Wreck of the Titan  Comparison of the two ships          While only 13 people survived the Titan’s devastation, 705 people survived the Titanic’s. Since the Titan was supposed to be unsinkable it only carried 24 lifeboats the minimum required by law and so only 500 people were able to get on the lifeboats. Morgan Robertson published the book after the Titanic sank with distinguished changes trying to bargain on the Titanic’s tragedy. The Titan had 19 watertight compartments and could stay afloat if 9 were filled, but the Titanic only had 16 watertight compartments and would sink if more than 4 were filled.      The ships were similar in size but there were some differences. The Titanic was about 82.5 feet longer than the Titan. The Titan weighed 45,000 tons and the Titanic weighed 66,000 tons, making it 132 million pounds. The Titanic had only 6,000 more horsepower than the Titan’s 40,000. The titanic had 4 less lifeboats than the Titan. The Titan had 772 more people than the Titanic’s 2,228, putting it at its max of 3,000 people. 2,987 people died on the Titan but only 1,523 people died on the Titanic. While the Titanic went through rough seas while the Titanic went through calm ones. Where the Titanic sank   The Titanic’s hit wasn’t as bad as the Titan’s because the Titan hit it head on. The Titanic only grazed it. Some differences are astonishingly different. The Titanic took 21½ hours to sink but the Titan took 5 minutes. The Titanic almost hit a ship at the beginning of its journey, but the Titan hit and sank the ship. Both ships were very capable of going 20 knots.          The author of futility, Morgan Robertson, also wrote a book called beyond spectrum about a Japanese attack on Hawaii. So not only did he predict the Titanic but he also predicted Pearl Harbor. Morgan died on March 24, 1915, before he could know that another book of his came to life.  Heading to this SidebarSubheadingFun Fact-The titanic weighed about 132 million pounds