The of its life it travels to Heliopholis the

term symbolism is nothing but a literary element used in literature. It helps
the readers to understand a literary work. Symbolism is everywhere. Symbolism
exists whenever something is meant to represent other meaning. In Greek
mythology phoenix is a bird with long span of life time. This phoenix is often
used as a symbol for regeneration or reborn. The phoenix is a bright red and
golden colour bird. While nearing the end of its life it travels to Heliopholis
the city of the sun , to die and reborn from ashes. This is just one instance.
Phoenix in literature is often used as a symbol.

One can take the Southern
Writer Eudora welty’s works as an example of study symbolism. Eudora welty uses
many themes throughout her literary work to illustrate racism , responsibility
, initiation, belonging and coming of age etc. Welty is often influenced by
Greek mythology and beliefs. She also uses simple symbols like key and exhibit
it strongly as a symbol of happiness. Therefore, the major aim of the paper is
to explore the mythological symbols and other elements in Eudora welty’s short
stories. Phoenix Jackson is walking to Natchez, missippi, in order to obtain
medicine for her grandson. Despite her advanced age, she undertakes this
increasingly difficult journey out of unconditional love. Phoenix the African
American woman starts her journey early morning in the month of December.
Phoenix jackson coming along a path through pinewoods. She was old and small
,her head tied in a ‘red rag ‘,she wore a long dark colored striped dress and a
bleached sugar sacks as an apron carrying a thin ,small cane made from an
umbrella. She looked straight ahead. Wrinkles on her face promise us her age.
She went on up and down the hills She boldly warns “Out of my way, all you
foxes, owls, beetles, jack rabbits and wild animals… Keep out from under
these feet, little bob-whites…. Keep the big wild hogs out of my path.  Don’t let none of those come running my
direction. I got a long way.”p.241. She undertakes this difficult journey
for her sick grandson. 

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