The new because it is concerned with what will

star wars VII (2015) returns the audience back to the narrative put in place by
(the Return of Jedi). The force in the film is the intangible energy
surrounding all living things. The galaxy is described as being at war though
disorganized. The First Order and Resistance battle each other for the galaxy’s
fate. There is an emergence of a new republic as the old heroes return to the
screen, and includes Harrison Ford (Han Solo) and Carrie Fisher to fight for
purposes of resistance. All the bad and good people search for Mark Hamill
(Luke Skywalker) in vain.

            In relation to the public
administration (commercial analysis)), “The Forcef Awakens” is one of the major
success in the box office. The budget included $306 million for production and
marketing, advertising and printing were worth $175. I believe this film has
the widest release of all-time in North America. Also, this film (2015) is the
best among the other Star Wars given the technology used with better, faster
and bigger spaceships. In addition, I think the bolder, louder and relentless
special effects of the film make it the best and loved by the public.

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            On the other hand, this film
succeeds to create the steadiness between the ancient and new because it is
concerned with what will come in future based on the past actions. One aspect
used well in this film is the humor which binds the reactions of the public
together and this is shown in “several amusing dialogues and rolling droid”.

The film is made spectacular as action and drama mix up, with the presence of
Harrison’s charisma.

            Finally, the Force Awakens is the
best entertaining movie and popular compared to the series of star wars. Also,
the film is derivative in nature (otherwise the corporate market would reject
it) and unstipulated at the conclusion (so as to give room for more movies).

The film is quite exciting (as it guarantees an extensive demand). All in all,
this film captures the adventure and fantasy passionately.