The need to all work together to put a

The forests of Indonesia are beautiful works of nature, as they are home to 10 -15% of the world’s species. However, something that you may not know is that most if not all of these species are in danger, as Deforestation is occurring in almost all of the Indonesian forests. More than 74 million hectares of the rainforest in Indonesia have been destroyed ( This is an area that is twice as big as Germany, and in the last 27 years Indonesia has lost 27% of all the Indonesian forests ( This is a huge problem because if the rate that these forests are getting cut down right now keeps at a steady pace, then by the year 2056 we will have lost all of the Indonesian forests. We need to all work together to put a stop to deforestation, and help save millions of animals and wildlife.Deforestation is now becoming worse each and every year. Indonesia has officially surpassed Brazil with a higher rate of Deforestation. Of course, people are not just chopping down trees for fun, but are doing it for the materials.  There are two main causes of deforestation in Indonesia.  The first of these causes is palm oil production.   Palm oil is one of the many different materials that deforestation is good for, and has been produced for decades. It is used in many different items that people may have in their house, some of which would include toothpaste, newspaper, magazines, and some food, such as chocolate bars and cookies. The reason why deforestation in Indonesia is so good for palm oil is because it is the world’s largest palm oil producer. Over 15 million hectares of land have been used to produce palm oil for many years ( It is much cheaper to produce than any of its alternatives and takes up less space as well. Since it is only produced on large plantations, this means that you have to clear out a large portion of trees in order to produce the oil.  An organization called Greenpeace thinks that it should be grown only by indigenous peoples and legal companies simply because they know to not damage the forests, and help keep millions of species safe.The second cause of deforestation in Indonesia is the Pulp and Paper industry.  Pulp and paper have been around for many decades, as humans have used paper to write on, and pulp to make the paper itself. The  pulp and paper industry, has been cutting down trees and  destroying forests. The Asian Pulp and Papers Forest Conservation Policy has set out a new conservation policy that declares an immediate halt to all future forest clearance by its Indonesian suppliers. This Is a good step into stopping deforestation all together.There are a lot of terrible effects that come along with deforestation in Indonesia, and many of them are geared toward species and wildlife.  As mentioned previously,  Indonesia has 10 to 15 percent of the world’s  species and to have them just wiped from our planet earth would be terrible. Each and every tree that gets cut, burned or logged is another animal or insect that people are harming or killing.. The Paradise Forests are located in Indonesia, New Guinea and Thailand, and have the largest flowers ever to be recorded.  These forests are a perfect example of why they should not be deforested. They are one of the last ancient forests in the world and have many species of animals which cannot be found anywhere else.  Deforestation has awful effects on the environment.  It causes many wildfires which in turn has made Indonesia one of the world’s worst emitters of greenhouse gases.  The ground in the forests has a lot of old vegetation called peat.  The peat contains more carbon than a normal forest, and when it is burned, all the carbon is released into the air.  Peat fires are very difficult to extinguish and can last many years. The actor Harrison Ford travelled to Indonesia to study the effects of deforestation, and when he arrived, he found that the smoke was so thick it was difficult to see (Harrison Ford Learns How Palm Oil is Linked to Deforestation, YouTube)  This severe problem has an impact on global warming.Another effect that deforestation has is on the people of Indonesia. Indonesia’s 17000 islands are home to more than 250 thousand people (, and there are still some people that live in the forest, or also gather food from there.  Many indigenous people have been forced to live on plantations and are unable to farm their own land.Deforestation also has economic and political effects in Indonesia.  The government promised to repay the indigenous people for all of the deforestation that they helped with.  Instead, the government did not pay them what they promised, and many people had to live on illegal plantations to survive.  The government cannot give up the mass production of palm oil because it is one of the largest income producing products for that country.  As well, many people would become unemployed if that industry would close.  There are a lot of different organizations out there that can help with eliminating the process of deforestation, but the one that I have chosen to focus on is Conservation International. Conservation International is an organization that helps to solve problems such as Global Warming, Deforestation, Coral Reef Loss, Pollution and Exploited seas. It works in many countries like Brazil, countries in Africa, and Indonesia just to name a few. All of its programs are focused on all of the environmental problems that were previously mentioned, and some of its programs include: Center for environmental leadership, Global conservation fund, Critical ecosystem partnership fund and policy for environment and peace. This organization receives its money from donations, fundraisers and sponsors to help keep the forests safe and intact.There are many actions that people can do to support this organization. One thing that people can do is to donate money. People can also help without donating by making smarter shopping decisions. A great example of this would be to purchase items with the Roundtable on  Sustainable Palm Oil Trademark ( This supports the production of palm oil that would be done by communities and legitimate companies, because they know to help protect the forests and they will not damage anything in the process of growing the oil. Consumers may also buy products with the Forest Stewardship Council logo on it. This means that people are buying from a certified company which only grows the product on sustainably managed land ( Some other acts that you can do to support conservation international include encourage local provincial and federal governments to support efforts of conservation international, and do not purchase any products that do not have any of sustainable palm oil trademark, or the Forest Stewardship Council logo on the product. In conclusion, deforestation in Indonesia has a huge impact on the social, environmental and the political party.