The necessary to keep slavery intact and the corruption

The narrative of Solomon Northup’s 12 Years a Slave uncovers the understanding of dehumanization of
the male slave, female slave, and the mistreatment from the slave masters.
Slaves were dehumanized and treated more like animals than a human individual.
Male slaves, and female slaves were beaten, sold, auctioned and claimed like
articles. They were forced to work a great degree, and every day enduring
physical and psychological mistreatment and brutality. Solomon Northup depicts
the experience of being dehumanized in his narrative. No one is born racist, it
is simply a habit which is picked up. Solomon is lured from his home in
Saratoga Springs and drugged by two men he presumes that he could trust, Mr.
Brown and Mr. Hamilton. These two men are described “gentlemen of respectable
appearance”. Mr. Northup being kidnapped is the first indicator of his loss of
freedom. Him being stripped from his beliefs and all he has worked for. Solomon
experiences betrayal first hand when Mr. Brown and Mr. Hamilton helps to
capture him by drugging him against his will.

from such a painful trance, it was some time before I
could collect my thoughts. Where am I? what was the meaning of these chains?
Where were brown and Hamilton?… Then did the idea begin to break upon my
mind, at first dim and confused that I had been kidnapped. (Northup, 22)

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There is an obvious
difficulty in comprehending how one could be so evil as to fake a friendship
and then use it of a means of betrayal. Mr. Brown and Mr. Hamilton both
symbolize the kind of fraud necessary to keep slavery intact and the corruption
of the white race in that time. In today’s society racism continues to be an
ongoing issue. When black people try to inform concerning prejudice they’ve
encountered, they are regularly ignored or looked down upon for stating a
reality in their lives. Today’s society is filled with narrow minded people who
refuse to see past their “color-blindness”, they refuse to see that systemic
racism is a part of our society and instead think of it as simply stating an

A few years ago, I was checking into a hotel with a Black
male colleague. When he asked the white man behind the counter for our rooms,
the clerk ignored him and spoke to me. I was stunned. That evening, in talking
about the incident, my colleague was surprised that I was surprised; he assumed
that I knew that such treatment was routine for him. As I began to notice the
different ways we were treated in ordinary situations, I realized how
frequently he, and other colleagues of color, were treated as if they were
invisible while I was noticed and treated with respect. (Adams, 2)

Racism and slavery still
exists in our society today though it is invisible to the naked eye. Many have
and still do experience racism and may not understand how or why it is still

Recent news has been
brought to life of slave trades in Libya, which means there is a hundred
percent chance of it happening elsewhere else. ‘Racism is in fact built into
the foundation of U.S. society and that it has over time come to infuse all
aspects of it. It is present in our laws, our politics, our economy; in our
social institutions; and in how we think and act, whether consciously or
subconsciously. It’s all around us and inside of us.’ quotes Lisa Nicki. There will
be no change in this matter unless people recognize the faults in our society
today. “- the Black man is followed in stores, quoted a higher price by a car salesman,
patronized by job counselors about being lazy, and told that vacant apartments
are not available — as if they had no idea that racism is alive and well.”
(Adams, 1) It is always easier to ignore certain issues instead of addressing
them head on.