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The one thing I have always known I’d like to do with my life is to help people. I’m applying for a Msc in social work because essentially making a difference in people’s lives is the most important aspect of a future career to me, than any other. By taking a course and qualifying as a social worker, I believe I can achieve this and become a supportive and caring member of societyI have read sociology which looks at people and society’s problems, I have in this subject done work on family and religion, this has fascinated me to help people who are facing problems such as abuse in families within our societies.I am a people’s person. I am passionately interested in listening to people’s problem and finding strategies to help solve them. Listening is a valuable skill that I possess, I am very aware of how powerful it can be to just simply listen to someone and for them to be aware of the fact that someone has taken the time and the effort to hear them.In everyday parlance people go through difficulties that make life impossible to them to live. There is a saying that says a service is only as good as the person who delivered the service. I want to be that person who delivered a good service to people who needs it. Through studying subjects like psychology and sociology I can satisfy my interest in some of the problems that affect people and how society influences their  actions and behaviour. For instance abnormal psychology looks at the way people are characterised in society and what possible behaviour they need to show to get professional help. Some of the qualities that I feel make a good social worker are empathy, insight and a non-judgemental view of others. It also requires the ability to assess each situation on an individual basis, you cannot afford to just assume that it is the same as last time, every case is new and requires the ability to reflect on the past to improve the future and to grow with time and experience.I have a seemingly innate desire to see others succeed in fulfilling their potential. Although it feels somewhat of a cliché, my passion and desire for the field of social work originates from a genuine wish to make a positive difference in people’s lives. In order to be part of talkingabout the social issues in the society, I am the organising secretary of the social welfare group in the bank I work in we aimed at putting smiles on the needy and less fortunatefaces during each festive periods by giving out cloths, food, shelter and some advice on how to make the most of their situation they were in.I have always been a peoples person and tend to be the first choice ‘shoulder to cry on’ for friends of both sexes. I have been told that I am a good listener and I find it easy to not only sympathise, but also to empathise with other people’s problems. These talents have been recognised at my school, where I was a student counsellor at my final year. In this role, I helped fellow students to talk about their problems and liaise with the relevant parties, such as lecturers, hall tutors and the University pastoral care leaders. I hugely enjoy this work, as I can see how much difference a friendly face can make in times of trouble, as well as the impact of practical help and representation when you are feeling too emotional or confused to act for yourself. Outside work I am an active member of my local church, and am a youth leader at the out of school club. This club was created to give kids somewhere to hang out where they could feel safe and stay out of trouble.It is my belief that though we are born completely dependent on others for all our care needs, as we grow, we develop a genuine sense of identity, creativity, autonomy and uniqueness which becomes completely our own. Every individual has the potential to provide something unique and beneficial to the community in which they are a part, however due to a variety of factors not everybody is able to make that contribution due to various barriers such as social oppression or exclusion. It is in the principal of empowering members of the community to act for themselves and fully integrate into society in which I wish to be a part of.I hope the preceding points illustrate my capabilities. I am aptly motivated and strongly committed to both the subject and the level of study. With a variety of relevant experience, a well-balanced personality and work ethic, and, most importantly, the drive to pursue a career in helping others, I have the potential to be an excellen