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The victories and achievements that occurred during WWII were only allowed to happen because of the many bright Canadian minds that helped design and create tools that saved lives and those who ran the factories that helped supply the armies. Firstly, the battle of Dunkirk was a huge military failure as the British abandoned more than 90% of their tanks and a large number of weapons and munitions.  This gave the Canadians an opportunity to show their willingness to help and participate in the war. After Dunkirk, the Canadians produced: “…over 800,000 military transport vehicles, 50,000 tanks, 40,000 field, naval, and anti-aircraft guns, and 1,700,000 small arms,” all to resupply the British.  This showed Britain that Canada was a helpful ally, and also led to the improvement of the Canadian economy by creating many new jobs, making life easier for Canadians. Secondly, Canadian inventors helped save many lives and brought Canada recognition on the world stage with their technological innovations and advancements. These inventions and innovations included the demagnetization of hulls which was protection from certain types of underwater mines, the “Canadian Anti-Acoustic Torpedo” or “CAT” was one of the first counters to torpedoes. Also, Canadians invented a way to defrost airplane propellers for safer flights. These inventions helped save the lives of many people serving in the war and at home, and it put the spotlight on Canada as a country filled with bright minds. Finally, many of the inventions that Canadians made are still in use today. Inventions including artificial fur which allows more efficient and cheaper production of clothing, a better way to produce condensed milk and powdered eggs which helps with food shortages and solves many transportation issues through smaller packaging, the creation of anti-corrosion coating for ship hulls which saves millions of dollars each year, and also the development of nylon parachutes. In conclusion, the Canadians played a major role in the technological advances during the war and military production and because of this, they made life easier for many people all around the world with contributions that are still recognized today.