The head of production of comedy at the BBC.

The Oxford dictionary defines media as ‘the main means of mass communication regarded collectively’. I am applying for this course, through my belief in the importance and omnipresence of the subject. I touched on media through my studies at A level and it became apparent that this was the career path I wanted to pursue. I was first intrigued by the concept of mass communication when shadowing my aunt, who is in the head of production of comedy at the BBC. This experience allowed me to see what happens behind the scenes, not just in comedy or wider entertainment, but also through radio and newsrooms, where the information given would be instantly interpreted as fact by millions of people. I left the experience wanting to learn the skills and knowledge that will enable me to thrive in this industry – a feeling that has only grown stronger during my year out. I believe this course will enable me to do that.For my A levels, I studied Government and Politics, English Literature and Drama and Theatre Studies. Government and Politics strengthen my ability to create an argument and communicate in a relevant way. It gave me an appetite for current affairs and a better understanding of journalistic values. English Literature developed my capabilities to critically analyse works of both fiction and non-fiction. It gave me perspective on a wide range of views of society. Drama allowed my production skills to thrive. During the devising process for one piece, I used a news story stimulant to create a powerful piece of theatre, through script writing, directing, sound editing and special effects, enhancing my improvisation, time management and most of all: my power to communicate with an audience.I made a conscious decision to take a year out before applying to university, as I had seen friends drop out of their courses and I wanted to be certain of my direction before committing. On my year out, I volunteered for children living in townships in South Africa, where I helped the kids learn English and important social skills. It was an amazing and humbling experience. It struck me how such a huge social issue was no longer newsworthy out there – it was an accepted part of everyday life. This both saddened me and determined my resolve to re-engage people in their plight. When a German TV crew came to the townships, I became the face of the foreign volunteer, hopefully engaging the German viewers. It became clear to me then – there is always an audience, you just need to find the right message for the right ears to create the desired action and make a real difference.While progressing through school, I have been involved in many extracurricular activities. I studied creative writing and was part of the debating society, which allowed me to access my strength for and love of public speaking. Similarly, I used these skills to host the school talent show and star in the sixth form production of Grease. Furthermore, I have a keen interest in comedy, particularly satire. And in prep school I achieved my grade 5 certificate from the ABRSM for singing. I have been house leader, won music and drama competitions, participated as a valued member of the core team sports, notably rugby, football and cricket.Over the course of my 19 years, I have had a number of paying jobs – from being part of the catering team at Allianz stadium, to selling Christmas trees, from the physical exertions of trenching and labouring, to the mental stimulation of property acquisition and management. My Aim, is to garner the necessary skills to become a relevant, attractive candidate for a career in media with the theoretical and practical knowledge to make the best career choice.