The grow up in 2018, and the consumer focus

The research declared the consumer spending on clothing will grow up in 2018, and the consumer focus on the quality more important than the trends (Mintel, 2017). The other search shows 87% of the consumer are preferred to purchase clothing made in Britain in the U.K (Mintel, 2016). In addition, the designer fashion report indicated 80% of the consumer expect the high level of craftsmanship products, and the research also showed 62% of the consumer who aged 24-34 had purchased the designer fashion product in the last 3 years (Mintel, 2017). Hence, Brora’s market is positive due to the growth clothing market, and high-quality products that produced by hands.Firstly, the concept of Brora ethos will communicate to the consumer effectively and deeply. The research shows the product’s excellent quality and craftsmanship will affect consumer’s purchasing decisions positively (Mintel, 2017). Secondly, the company attempt to engage the younger consumers and maintain the intimal consumers to extend their consumer size. According to the growth of youth fashion trends (Mintel, 2017), Lastly, Brora desires to enhance their website online sales in the UK and the abroad. The online shopping is growing up recently (Mintel, 2017). The following is the SMART objectives of Brora:Brora’s marketing strategy is to fetch the maximum effect by the interaction of push marketing and pull marketing. According to Pickton and Broderick (2005) declared the push marketing is the company advertised their product to the consumers actively by promotion strategy. On the other hand, the pull marketing is to use the consumer interaction to advertise the company’s products (Pickton and Broderick 2005, p.431).This Brora’ marketing communication strategy is built for achieving the company’s SMART objectives in six months. Firstly, the goal is to communicate Brora’s brand ethos by advertising on social media. The second plan is to use celebrity endorsement on social media to attract the younger consumers and maintain the original consumers. The last one is to improve the online sales in the UK and the abroad by e-promotion.The first objective of Brora is to communicate the brand ethos to the consumers. Advertising is regarding as the method of persuasion that the consumers believe the company’s advertising messages (Copley, 2004, p.104). Using a rational and creative story to convince the consumer is the better way to deliver the messages to the target consumers (McKee, 2014). The following table is the four elements of storytelling (Fog et al., 2010) is built for Brora’s brand concept video, the company can use this analysis to create a video and launch on social media.Dahle?n, Lange, and Smith (2010) indicated that the consumer can memory the information by visual is much effective than another way. Mintel (2017) shows YouTube is the second social media channel that the consumer had used in the last 3 months. Hence, the company can launch the online video on Brora’s official website and YouTube (see appendix 1, 2). The company can control these data weekly and adjust on time. Firstly, the cost of the new online video is expensive. Secondly, if the views on YouTube is ineffective, the company may purchase the advertisement on YouTube to achieve the goal that increased 10% of the views.The second objective is to increase the younger consumer 10% of the target market from January to June 2018 by the celebrity endorsement on social media. The study showed the famous person is more attractive than the individual (McCracken, 1989). The other study indicated the celebrity has the positive influence to the adolescent (Giles and Maltby, 2004). Hence, the company may use the celebrity to build the brand awareness and engage the younger consumers. The following table is options of the celebrity candidate (Selena Gomez, 2018;, 2018;, 2018):According to the Mintel (2017), Facebook is the first one and Instagram is the fourth social media channel that the consumer had used in the last 3 months. Therefore, the celebrity can share the brand video and interact with the younger consumers that encouraged the consumer to be the followers or fans on Facebook and Instagram (appendix 3, 4) to enhance the brand awareness. The company can monitor the records weekly and adjust the posts depends on the responses from the consumers.The third objective is to increase the online sales among 20% of the website in the London and the abroad from January to June 2018 by the e-promotion. Smith and Chaffey (2005) declared the e-marketing is the most important in the e-business field. In addition, according to Mintel (2017), the number of internet access was growing up, half of the consumer followed the companies or brand to receive the information, and the smartphone ownership was also increased. The study suggested the different e-promotion tools (Ryan, 2017). Hence, this section will choose the official website, Facebook, and Instagram on social media and the email marketing to implement it. The following table is the analysis for e-promotion (Fill, 2002, Lane Keller, 2001):To increase the online sale, the company can provide the discount information on website and social media (see appendix 5, 6, 7). The other one way is the company can design the online interactive game that included the product information and special sale questions, such as “Kahoot” (, 2018) to attract the consumers on the website and social media (see appendix 8). The winner of the online game can reword a special discount. The company can record the data of the sales number and adjust the range of discount.This report shows the analysis of Brora’s
background and competitors, the research of current market situation. Based on
these findings, the communication strategies are built to achieve the three
objectives that applied to the SOSTAC model. Firstly, the tactics include the
online video to communicate the brand ethos to the target consumers. Secondly,
the company can use the celebrity who prepare the influence to the younger
consumers to fetch the goal. The last one is to enhance the website online
sales in the UK and the other countries. This report suggests to design an
online interactive game to engage the consumer first, and then, provide the
discount information to increase the sales. The action section is outlined for
Brora can implement this plan effectively and ensure to achieve each tactic’s