The George to go through with it even though

The so called American Dream in John Steinbeck’s novel is varied when it came to the characters. All the old man Candy wans is a sense of freedom. The dream of freedom overcomes him, even after he found out that Lennie has killed Curly’s wife, he wants the dream of the farm so badly that he begs George to go through with it even though it eventually didn’t go through. Other characters like Crooks he just wants a sense of belonging enjoy simple life, such as the right to go inside of the bunkhouse and not be looked down upon. Or even to be able to play cards with the other guys instead of being separated from the others left alone. This desire would explain why, he eventually questions George and Lennie’s ability to make the dream of the farm come true, Crooks can’t help but ask himself that if he can come along and hoe in the garden.   The concept of loneliness is spread out throughout the whole book and even George says he’s glad to not be alone and have someone to have his back. Crooks had no choice being alone, but also somewhat his own fault blocking himself from everyone else. The consequence that he eventually forced to find a sense of belonging after Lennie told him about the barn and George eventually saying that the farm wasn’t real but in Crook head he was not wanted. When it came to Curly’s wife she just wanted to talk to someone with her being the only women on the ranch. But she took talking to the other men the wrong way and to her it sounded like she just wanted to talk but it came out flirty and inappropriate. She ended up trying confined in Lennie and telling him how she really felt about how she is not fulfilling her full potential and not really being in love with Curly. Her and Lennie eventually started to talk about soft object more like clothing when she eventually told Lennie to stop but he ends up snapping her neck. At the end everyone found out happened George had to make one of the biggest decision of his life and ended Lennie’s life so he didn’t have to suffer any longer. In the process he didn’t just end the life of his best friend. At the end he ends up leaving the ranch, but also leaving his and Lennie’s dream I think that once he shot Lennie that’s when he knew their dream ended.