The geographic coverage and service offerings will increase. If

The Company is a young company and the growth of the team and its capabilities may take longer than expected to result in the intended usefulness for the HOSTCOIN. The HOSTCOIN is just one product in a highly competitive market, and broad adoption by other users and developments by technology partners may take longer than expected. The usefulness of the HOSTCOIN depends on the extent of widespread adoption of the offered technology by the marketplace. In order to attract and retain a client base and increase business, we must establish, maintain and strengthen our name and the services we provide. In order to be successful in establishing our reputation, clients must perceive us as a trusted source for quality services. If we are unable to attract and retain clients with our current marketing plans, we may not be able to successfully establish our name and reputation, which could significantly affect our business, financial condition and results of operations. We could experience growth over a short period of time, which could put a significant strain on our managerial, operational and financial resources. We must implement and constantly improve our certification processes and hire, train and manage qualified personnel to manage such growth. We have limited resources and may be unable to manage our growth. Our business strategy is based on the assumption that our customer base, geographic coverage and service offerings will increase. If this occurs it will place a significant strain on our managerial, operational, and financial resources. If we are unable to manage our growth effectively, our business will be adversely affected. As part of this growth, we may have to implement new operational and financial systems and procedures and controls to expand, train and manage our employees. If we fail to develop and maintain our services and processes as we experience our anticipated growth, demand for our services and our revenues could decrease. Our market is characterized by rapidly changing technologies, evolving industry standards, frequent new product and service introductions and changing customer demands. To be successful, we must adapt to our rapidly changing market by continually enhancing our existing services and adding new services to address our customers’ changing demands. We could incur substantial costs if we need to modify our services or infrastructure to adapt to these changes. Our business could be adversely affected if we were to incur significant costs without generating related revenues or if we cannot adapt rapidly to these changes. Our business could also be adversely affected if we experience difficulties in introducing new or enhanced services or if these services are not favorably received by users. We may experience technical or other difficulties that could delay or prevent us from introducing new or enhanced services. Furthermore, after these services are introduced, we may discover errors in these services which may require us to significantly modify our software or hardware infrastructure to correct these errors. We are still in the process of evaluating the work quality of new employees and the suitability of new hires for specific roles. If we are unable to attract and hire qualified management, technical and marketing personnel or retain key employees, our operations and prospects may be adversely affected.