The from different studies and compared all the findings.

The Cost of the ResearchOver the years many countries have not taken into account the world’s atmosphere resulting in changes in the climate. Changes in the atmosphere can have severe consequences that can be costly and affect humans. Scientists around the world have conducted research to determine the cause for the climate change. However, there is much needed research to be done in order to determine the exact cause for global warming. The United States (US) should increase the funding of Global Warming research in order to find a solution that can protect the atmosphere and decrease the cost of the damages caused by it.In 1896 a Swedish scientist by the name of Svante Arrhenius was the first to suggest that fossil fuel combustion over time could increase global warming. He established that the earth’s surface temperature was 15 degrees Celsius by looking at the water’s vapor infrared absorption of carbon dioxide. This was called the natural greenhouse effect and for many years the study was disregarded with belief that the oceans would absorb most of all the carbon dioxide created. In 1988 it was determined that the climate in the world was warmer than any decade since the 1980’s. “The greenhouse effect theory was named and Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) was founded by the United Nations Environmental Program and the World Meteorological Organization.”(Enzler)The changes in the climate can cause more severe weather such as droughts, heat waves, floods and even hurricanes around the globe. “Global warming will cause the icebergs of the earth’s north and south poles melt, which is one of the main reasons it’s causing the sea level to rise.”(Huang and Miao 1626) An increase in the sea levels can flood the coastal areas of the country. Islands like Hawaii and Puerto Rico could be devastated by such changes in the ocean. It can change the landscape of the world from what it is today affecting humans as well as wild life. While some areas flood others will suffer severe droughts. In a study done by Aiguo Dai, he observed precipitation and temperature data from 1950 to 2010 from different studies and compared all the findings. He determined that the patterns showed “drying over most of Africa, southeast Asia, eastern Australia and southern Europe, and increased wetness over the central US, Argentina and northern high-latitude areas.”(Dai 52) The droughts could negatively impact the countries agriculture industry, the economy and increase the possibility of wildfires.  The relationship between hurricanes and global warming is one that scientists find harder to prove. Many scientists have established that the oceans are getting warmer around the world. Hurricanes are more probable to occur as they are formed over warm waters. According to an article by Richard Anthes he states “that global warming has a pervasive influence on ocean SST and heat content, atmospheric temperature, water vapor, and atmospheric and oceanic general circulation patterns, all of which affect tropical cyclones in complex, not yet fully understood ways.”(Anthes 630).In the past decade the US has experienced more natural disasters than ever before. The last storm season has been the most costly storm season in the US history. In an article by the National Geographic “early tabulations indicate that the US suffered more than $200 billion worth of damage from 17 named storms”(Drye) Wildfires have also increased over the past few years and cost the US billions of dollars. The Business Insider stated that the California North Bay fires has been the most destructive the state had ever seen. California Department of Insurance stated that “$9.0 billion in claimed losses so far.”(Wolf and Wolf)  The amount of money combined from damages and loses in the economy could be in the trillions dollars at the current pace. The Agriculture market can lose billions “producing more than 400 crops and generating $37.5 billion per year”(France) There are many Americans that believe Global Warming is a topic for all countries to address and fund. Many disagree with the Paris Agreement, because it puts a large financial burden on the country. Many argue that the research done by scientist is not strong enough to conclude on global warming. It is also believed, that there is no consensus between scientists on global warming to be able to take it serious. For these reasons many feel it’s not something the US should waste money on, and focus on other important issues.Many people are unaware that there’s many peer-reviewed studies that show consensus between scientists. There is a “97% consensus in published climate research is robust and consistent”(Maibach, Ed, Stuart Carlton and Stephan Lewandowsky). The US should not have to carry the bigger burden of Global Warming but needs to continue investing on its research domestically. President Obama unsuccessfully attempted asking Congress for additional funding to invest in domestic global warming programs. Research that can help prevent or minimize the cost of the damages, would be beneficial for the country in the future. The US has spent upwards of $209 billion dollars in damages from natural disasters on 2017 alone. The US should invest more in Global Warming research as it will benefit the atmosphere/population and reduce cost of the damages.  The additional funding can also help in finding alternative energy sources that can be cleaner non-oil dependable, and save the country billions. The additional research can also help create jobs and help the economy.  Everyone in the planet could benefit if scientists can reduce global warming.  The US investment would pay for itself, by reducing cost of damages and creating new jobs in the economy. Studies have shown that the US is responsible for a lot of the worlds pollution. The US is considered the world’s leader and it should lead the world in the development of a cleaner atmosphere.Works CitedEnzler, S.M. “Water Treatment Solutions.” Lenntech Water Treatment & Purification, Lenntech BV, Accessed 02 Jan 2018. Huang, Le H., and Miao M. 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