The en-cash this advantage as HMD’s nostalgic card is

The above BHAG representation of HMD’s goal
identifies the real ambition of company i.e. to reposition NOKIA again in
global mobile market as leaders. The launch of 3310 is in line with this aim as
HMD wishes to turn the fondness of the brand into sales. The idea is to first trigger
customer’s emotions with 3310 which will reinvent the old legacy of Nokia,
subsequently helping in sales of other variety of smart phones.   1.1    
ProblemThe management problem described above arises
from the fact that Nokia 3310 was launched in a special segment between feature
phones and smart phones. Not belonging to a specific segment makes it more
difficult and challenging to find the right customer base. The feature phone
market of India is massive and have huge potential but on the other hand it is
very price sensitive. Specifically the rural population is inclined towards
cheaper options which “solve the purpose”. This market is driven by
cut throat competition where cheapest option available start from as low as €15.
The launch price of 3310 as €49 seems to be on higher side when compared to
brands with same features & offerings. Another issue with this segment is
high number of competitors. The segment is dominated by Samsung followed by
Chinese & Indian manufacturers. The intensity of competition can be found
out from the fact that apart from Samsung’s 24.5%, Lava’s 12.3% & Intex
11%, rest 52.2% is shard between 103 brands !! To make a distinction in this
segment will require targeted approach for HMD.The second segment is smart phones, on the
face 3310 do not fit in this segment as the features and applications do not
meet the requirement. The argument of HMD management is that the millennial
purpose seekers which grew together with Nokia 3310 will reattach themselves to
this brand. Even though reliability, legacy and values of Nokia is undisputed
but market has dramatically changed over the years and people have moved on.
The mobile these days is just not for calling but to do multiple applications
simultaneously. Selling 3310 in this segment will take an extra mile of
thinking and properly approach to align right audience.  1.2    
questionsThere is no doubt that re-launch of 3310 is
this year’s best disruptive move in this saturating smart phone market. The
objective is now to ride this wave and en-cash this advantage as HMD’s nostalgic
card is striking well with customers. Some research questions should be formularized
to get the eventual solution for the research problem and subsequently the management
problem. In quest of finding answers to the research questions, a proposed
business model shall be presented which shall handle the management problem. The
research questions shall be:Ø  Who are potential customer’s of 3310 in feature
& smart phone segments ?Ø  What are competitive edges of 3310 in feature
& smart phone segments ?

Ø  What is the value generation for the targeted
customers ?

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