The demonstration of advanced construction techniques. · Prepared comparison

The work assignment was assigned to OPEX team
by Water & Effluent Treatment top management with the objective to improve profitability by improving engineering operational efficiency
of the business. I was chosen by Operational Excellence department head to lead
this program based on my in-depth knowledge of linear project management. All
through the work activities, I kept focused on engineering operational improvement,
implementing advanced construction techniques, standardizing drawings,
optimizing material and manpower cost, avoiding reworks and maintaining high safety
and quality standards at project sites yielding to financial performance improvement
of business.

CE3.2.4 My project
tasks were as stated below:

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Led and managed
operational excellence assignment to implement effective use of project management
principles leveraging lean methodology combined with the problem – solving
tools & techniques.

Assessed, understood,
and evaluated engineering operation process and identified gaps and levers of

Acted as a key catalyst for change management and manager of the
game-changing initiatives, including turnarounds of underperforming operation.

Ensured tight control over operation cost by optimizing
subcontractor, material, rental equipment, and overhead costs.

Developed engineering policies & procedures like Document
Control Index (DCI) in the design department for the design team at an initial
phase of the project to prepare the list of structures for the project and to
monitor the number of revisions in design and material quantity estimation.

Provided regular
direction, mentorship, and coaching to team members.

Prepared 3 step project operation frameworks to strengthen the

Researched and developed the digital platform for monitoring and
tracking of project progress with the help of GIS-based monitoring tracker.

Explored and invited multiple vendors on board to discuss and
conduct the demonstration of advanced construction techniques.

Prepared comparison statement (Current practice vs. future
practice) and proposed to High power committee (HPC) to release CapEx post
successful demonstration and implemented the solution across the business.

Coordinated clients and project consultants to discuss and seek
approval for implementation of advanced construction techniques.

Prepared program work plan, estimation & budget and also
expected savings from OPEX program.

Created subcontractor
evaluation scorecard before placing work order