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The author’s purpose in writing this book was to promote the strength of God’s love and the power found in his written word. Desmond Doss stated, “I believe prayer is the best life saver there is”(99). Doss led a life of virtue, believing in God and putting forth trust in his faith. Doss faced many trials and tribulations throughout his adventure-filled life. No matter how difficult or life-threatening, Doss believed in the Lord and his strength to lead a person down the path that they need to travel. Doss survived a war, car accidents, deafness, loss and multiple cancer diagnoses. He attributed all of these victories to the power of prayer and the miraculous work of the hands of the Lord. All of these situations are clearly shown in the descriptive narrative qualities found throughout the text.

The narrative quality of imagery is clearly found throughout the book Desmond Doss: Conscientious Objector: The Story of an Unlikely Hero. When returning back to base Doss was greeted with these words, “Doss, those fatigues are blood-soaked. Besides, you’re covered with flies, and we don’t have any fly spray. We’re going to have to find you some different fatigues”(103). This quote clearly exhibits the characteristics of imagery due to the fact that it contains several descriptions that appeal to one or more of the five senses. Through the use of the descriptive words, you can tell Doss had been through a horrific battle considering he was wearing clothing that was drenched in blood. You can imagine he smelled since the flies were covering his uniform. The use of imagery is very effective. The words written in the text permit you to know how Doss appeared upon his return to base. The descriptive words also allow your mind to consider these descriptions even farther. You can visualize a tired war-torn soldier standing in a heavy sodden red blood soaked uniform covered in flies due to the smell of the decaying bodily fluids. You can imagine the flies are buzzing as they cling to his uniform to obtain their next meal and quench their thirst.

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