The can break that precious link. It is true


greatest drawback or danger which a person can face by being in solitude is
that it can force itself away from the society and can break that precious
link. It is true that this link might not be the most important one but certainly,
this link has a specific importance and efforts should be made to keep it
strong because at the end of the day, our fellow beings come are important to
us and they should be kept as close as they can be. In this world, it is hard
to live alone, for some time people can manage but to break off all the links
with society is cruel to one’s own self.

On the
other hand, the authors have also listed some drawbacks of solitude, it is true
that solitude has its drawbacks as well, like any other thing in the world,
solitude has its weaknesses and its strengths. Thus, they seem to balance each
other and that is who it works, like the rest of the things in the world.

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this, the authors have also tried to list down some benefits and some drawbacks
of staying alone. I will agree with everything they have written because it
makes perfect sense. The authors have said in their writing that solitude can
help to bring out the creative side out of you. It is very true because the
best pieces of art have been made in solitude. For creativity you need focus
and perfect focus can only be achieved when you have had the opportunity to
stay alone and very far from the rest of the world. The authors have also
mentioned freedom, that is also very true, when you are alone you feel free
from mind and from the restrictions which the society which puts on you. I will
consider it the greatest benefit which solitude can bring.

article by Christopher R. Long and James R. Averill is mostly related to
finding the drawbacks and the perks of being alone. It is interesting to read
and also provides a take-home message in all of its points. Christopher and
James say that there are days when solitude is probably the best thing in the
world but then there are days when it can be a bitter tonic. It is probably
very true. Even if I talk about this specific point personally, it makes
perfect sense because there are days when I want to go out and meet people and
then there are days, when I do not want to meet anyone and indulge in something
which I can do alone. So it is not only true for specific people but probably
this is something universal.

An Exploration of Benefits of Being Alone

we can conclude that it depends on the type of people and what they intend to
do in life. It is true that it can help some people achieve great things but
then it is not true for everybody. All the great people have agreed that there
is a huge contradiction between the norms of a society and the general order of
loneliness and solitude. Society can probably never accept loneliness as
something which can be considered as sane or natural.

last type is the type of people who want to form themselves as individuals and
want to find themselves in the valleys of loneliness and solitude.

fourth type is for the thinkers and the creative people who can only think with
purpose when they are alone. This is reserved for the intellects of the world
and people who like to go deeper into their thoughts to extract a deeper

third type is a more mild type. It relates mostly to the solo travelers and
people who like to travel alone in order to discover the nature around them. It
is mostly for adventure seekers who want every bit of the adventure for

second type is the type of people who want to get over something personal, such
as a trauma or a kind of mental illness which they want to get over by being
alone. The main philosophy behind it is to again, discover themselves. That is
the only way they can actually get over the trauma or mental disorder they are

first of them is to find a deeper connection with the nature surrounding them.
John D. Barbour says that some people try to find a connection with the things
surrounding them by breaking the connections with the people around them. It is
interesting to think of, but when you look at it more closely, it can make
perfect sense. This is how people can actually discover nature. If they are
always being surrounded by other beings, it is hard to concentrate, in order to
concentrate, they need to be alone. That is exactly what the author wants to

D. Barbour has written a really wonderful article in which he has tried his
best to describe the reasons behind why people mostly go into solitude. He has
described the 5 types.

D. Barbour’s Article

It can
sometimes be surprising to see what your own self has to offer whenever you go
searching for it and as Grumbach says that it is quite relieving. You can
listen to only one voice which is pure and free from any kind of outside
disturbances. That voice is your heart. Grumbach says that for the first time
in his life he actually started writing with so much clarity and most
importantly, started to reflect on what he was writing. That was only because
he was able to listen to himself while he was writing, he had no thought of the
outside world or not distractions from the outside world, it was only him and
his pen and it was a really wonderful feeling. Thus, we can conclude from
Grumbach’s experience that living alone and in solitude can actually be a
really relieving thing.

as time went on, he says that he started to discover his true self. He started
to see listen to his inner voice which was neglected so much when he was with
other people. Grumbach says that it is very important for a person to listen to
himself so that he can discover himself. All of our life we try to discover
what is around us, but in the midst of it all, we forget entirely that there is
our own self which needs to be discovered and which needs to be heard. That was
exactly the reason why Doris Grumbach went in to utter solitude and I
personally also like the idea of complete solitude for a little while so that I
can listen to what my heart and my soul has to say to myself. So that I can see
what my inner self has to say about the world I live in and to listen to what
my inner self has to tell me to do in order to discover the true nature of this
world we live in.

experience of Doris Grumbach with loneliness was a really good one. It was an
attempt to find himself. To discover the true meaning of his existence, the
only reason he broke of all contacts with the outside world was to discover the
true meaning of his existence. His companion had gone out of the city and he
was living alone in his place and he had disconnected his phone and also his
television was disconnected by a wind. Anyhow, he says that as he tried to live
alone with music and with books, it was particularly hard at first because
humans are apt to talk to another fellow being that it is difficult for us to
just keep our mouth shut and not talk. Intrinsically humans have a need to
socialize with other fellow beings but sometimes, they want to live alone so
that they can discover themselves that is what happened to Grumbach. As
expected, he relates that at first, it was particularly difficult for him to
live alone without hearing the voice of a fellow human.

of Doris Grumbach

It has
been a long and a never-ending debate that is loneliness a real source of
finding the meaning to life or it is just some overrated fantasy which is
practiced by people who have no one to share their life with. It would really
be hard to support one point of view while totally neglecting the other. In my
belief, loneliness has its flaws and it also has its benefits. It mostly
depends on the situation and the type of person you are. Some people think that
being lonely is beneficial because they can be more productive and some people
think that loneliness can kill you. In this essay, we are going to analyze some
famous writings and see that which of the two school of thoughts can be
considered as sane.


and Its Implications