The Bhattarai’s article, “We will continue to close some

article, “Sears Holdings to Close 103 More Stores,” written by Abha Bhattarai,
a business reporter for the Washington Post, states that many stores including
Sears are being forced to close due to the competition of online shopping. These
stores are losing sales and swarming in debt but to cut costs many employees
are being let go because of these closures. This article relates to our
reading, “Better Business” by Michael R. Solomon, with the topic of Competition,
because it states that to win the game of business when competing with other
companies, it must deliver customer satisfaction (6). The owner of Sears states
in Bhattarai’s article, “We will continue to close some unprofitable stores so
that our physical store footprint and our digital capabilities match the needs
and preferences of our members.” Another tie to the reading by Solomon is the discussion
about technology on page 12. People can buy any product type they want on the
internet which is more convenient, cheaper and easier. Sears is having to
compete with online shopping and unfortunately, it’s losing the battle.

Washington Post is a highly recognized morning newspaper that is based in
Washington D.C. and it is widely circulated throughout most of the capital. It
is now owned by Jeffrey P. Bezos, the founder of Amazon, who took over in 2013.
The newspaper started in 1877 and since then has won over 47 Pulitzer Prizes for
its content. I learned that a Pulitzer Prize is, “…a series of annual prizes
awarded by Columbia University, New York City, for outstanding public service
and achievement in American journalism, letters, and music” (“The Washington
Post” The Editors of Encyclopedia Britannica). Many people say there is a
liberal bias to the writings in each article because of what the written topics
are about, but according to the Media Bias Fact Check Website, “…they are typically
well sourced to credible information.” After researching the Washington Post, it
seems to me that it is a very credible newspaper but there are some limitations
including the liberal bias. The reason for the bias, I believe, is because of
the area in which it is located and for the people who are reading the
newspaper. If the topics are not interesting and targeted towards the audience’s
personalities than the newspaper will be out of business because no one is
going to read it. The writers of these articles, which are many, must produce
the right kind of stories and do it efficiently and accurately. I think this
could potentially skew the content if its rushed and not properly executed. With
such a high title and many awards, the Washington Post has a reputation that has
to uphold.

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