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The advantages of Kickstarter for entrepreneurs are, that the service is low-risk. The entrepreneurs have only been able to get funds for their projects and have to hand over the rewards to the backers, if the defined amount of needed funding is reached. This kind of platform can be very beneficial to promulgate your idea, and also it can be helpful in marketing your product on an international level because Kickstarter is considered as an eminent crowdfunding platform. A good statistical analysis can be useful for launching a business platform, every single individual who contributed to fundraising campaign can be helpful in doing a survey about projects and then collecting that data for research. One of the many benefits of crowdfunding is that it enables individual to use numerous little gifts to raise a bigger aggregate sum.Idea or campaign could fail and that always felt bad however preferable to flop right on time rather than after contributing a huge amount of your own cash in making something that individuals don’t need. Most idea creators lack specialty in promoting their product. which makes it difficult for inspiring individuals to catch wind of their campaign. The fundraising might not turn out to be successful but it still happens to be time-consuming process for the creator. 19 Nothing comes for free, even for the fundraising the creator need to spend a small portion his saving in order to present it on any platform. Most platforms have strict standards which make it difficult as a creator to fulfill in pursuance of getting funds.19The main idea to enhance crowdfunding sites is to make sure that the specific project which is put up for fundraising campaign should be completed in its pre-planned time. More or less, if the campaign is fruitful, ensure the shipment within a particular time span, or issue the funder a full refund. The risk, obviously, is that even with secured financing, no venture will want to refund cash. Maybe a ‘protection’ or something like that, where the funders pledge a little more than the actual amount could hold the privilege to get a refund if the venture doesn’t ship in time 41. Marketing is another important component of crowdfunding. The future is about building and financing your brand or mission online. Utilization of online networking (social media) and different outlets to promote ventures and relate to consumers. Both these essential angles can help in fast fundraising.  The Entrepreneurs around the world with creative and feasible ideas swings to Kickstarter to display their projects in order to raise the necessary funding for their ventures and each month around 5 million individual visits kickstarter site. What is most admirable about this stage is the heterogeneity of tasks from all around the globe. There is always something interesting and creative in this platform 42. Kickstarters are finding new and inventive approaches to promote their campaigns and interests. While Kickstarter is positively an extraordinary site and has helped numerous splendid ideas gain the funding necessary to succeed. Kickstarter is different from the ordinary crowdfunding sites, these differences mainly the size of kickstarter, it is well know crowdfund site and the approach to achieve the objective to get reserves, if you did not reach the goal, you will get nothing while the other crowdfund sites do not follow the similar approach, the creator can keep whatever sum  raise through funding 43.