The and you won’t experience fatigue and breathlessness by

The population of people above 65 will drastically increase
by 2030, as per Center for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC). With this the
chances of various chronic illnesses in the senior citizens will also grow,
leading to moreover reasons to focus on their health and fitness. Incorporating
some physical exercise in their daily routine is beneficial for better health,
also keeps their body agile and strong even at a later stage.

About 150 minutes of total workout of moderate nature should
be incorporated in a week. It is better to break this time duration into the
span of 10-15 minutes, twice a day. This is more than enough to give you the
desired results for your health.

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Here are some of the exercises that can be started.


Cardio exercises are good to build a better physical stamina
and you won’t experience fatigue and breathlessness by walking few steps. With
just six weeks of regular cardio workouts, the changes are evident.

You can begin with some low impact exercises from walking
stairs, jogging, cycling, swimming, dancing and Tai Chi. It is advisable to do cardio
for about 75 minutes every week in your workout routine.

Strength training

Muscle strength is of utmost important in our daily lives,
from picking up grocery bags, opening bottles or even getting up from chair it is
required. With the growing age, muscles gets weaker and it may hamper the daily

Power strengthening or muscle building can be done with
light weight lifting exercises, using dumbbells or elastic bands are also good
for exercising.  Exercises which focus
your entire body muscles are good to go, therefore, to try combinations of squats,
lunges or push ups. Try incorporating strength training about twice a week.


A simple fall can lead to severe injuries even fractures during
later age, which mostly happens due to losing body balance or physical
stability.  Even walking, body posture is
all dependent on a good body balance.

Yoga is one of the best exercises to achieve a good body
balance. Pilates and Tai Chi are also good exercises to try out.


As you grow old, you would have realised moving or twisting
your body becomes gradually difficult when compared to your childhood. Bending
and touching the floor or  lifting your
knee up becomes a task to do. Having a good body flexibility, ease your body movement
from turning back or just bending. Flexibility also reduces the risk of
developing injuries.

Yoga is highly advisable a good flexibility exercise.
Various other stretching exercises can also be done with gradual movement. Let
your muscles feel the stretch to become stronger.