The and Senior Year) Optional Stage 7: Adult School

U.S.A. School System


The United States, like other countries,
have compulsory education (mandatory education for every person). Because the
United States are so large and have so much states, different states have
different laws – meaning that the begginng age of compulsory education is 5-8,
depending on the states, and the end is 15-18 – depending on the state.  The basic structure is:

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Stage 1: Pre-school (2 years long,
typically from 3 to 4 years of age)


Stage 2: Kindergarten (2 years
long, typically from 5 to 6 years of age)


Stage 3: Elementary School (5 years
long, typically from 7 to 11 years of age – Grade 1 through 7)


Stage 4: Junior High School, often
called Middle School (3 years long, typically from 12 to 14 years of age –
Grade 6 through 8)


Stage 5: High School (4 years long,
typically from 15 to 18 years of age – Grade 9
through 12)


High School is the last stage of mandatory
school. After this, the student can but does not have to continue to learn.


Optional Stage 6: College/University
(2-4 years long, typically from 18 to 22 years of age – Freshman Year,
Sophomore Year, Junior Year and Senior Year)


Optional Stage 7: Adult School


The student, when they sucessfully finished these 16 years of
education, will receive a High School Diploma at the end of Grade 12. If the
person did not get it, they can take a test – called GED – which is considered
to be the same as the diploma by most people.


The school year begins at the end of August,
or the day after Labor Day in September. It ends at the end of May or beginning
of June. Then they have 3 months of holidays, and go back to school to a higher
Grade. Students that get failing grades at the end of the year are sometimes
forced to repeat the year to get better grades (this is called being “held


After students have finished High School and
got their diplomas, they can go to Colleges or Universities. These offer
Undergraduate degrees, like Associate’s degrees or Bachelor’s. There is
Community Colleges, which give two year Associate’s degrees, and very little
Bachelor’s.  They are almost always
publicly funded. Some students then transfer to a university or a normal college,
which last four years and give Bachelor’s. They are usually private.


Education in the US is provided to most by
Public, Private, and Home schools. 




Public schools are funded by the state, and
are allowed for everyone. They are free, but usually offer a medium education.





Private schools are schools funded
privately. Mostly universities or colleges, but also middle and high schools,
these are (most of the time) much better than public schools, with better
equipment and teachers. They are (almost always) expensive and usually only the
upper-middle american class can afford them. Schools usually have connections
with universities, and students can get into the university easier if they
studied at these schools. 



Home “Schools”


This is when a child is being taught by his
parents at home. They are not private and not public. There are rules which the
parents has to follow about teaching. It makes up 3% of the taught population
in the US.




The education system is more clearly see on
these pictures: