The Americans have been crazy about cars since they

        The wind whipping through the windows, the pulsation of the engine through the pedal, the feeling of the wheel as an extension of your movements, Americans have been crazy about cars since they were invented. When introduced during the early 1900s, automobiles served as a new, better form of transportation and little else. Now, the automobile plays a far greater role in American culture. Its popularity is partially due to our desire for freedom and power. Cars embody integral cultural values that have become an important part of our culture.To me, my car is represents an ability to escape my otherwise mostly boring life, a reminder that I can be what I want, do what I want. Without this release, my life would descend into an endless cycle of mediocrity. The first time I drove a car, I was terrified, I couldn’t go in a straight line because I was so afraid of hitting something I would drastically overcorrect. I had never held my own life in my hands before, let alone other people’s, and it’s scary. It is an experience of true freedom that every person experiences in society. To be able to do whatever you want, wherever you want, it is truly free. But, driving a car that is your own, that is a completely different experience. To me, it represents choice. Choice to choose any path you wish, at any given time. You could be anyone, anything you desire. When I am driving, I am free from judgement, hatred, drama, and any other negative feelings, because I am free. However, a lot of times, cars, and especially expensive, fast cars, are seen differently in society than how I feel. In recent times, people have been regarding possessions as presentment of identities. In this case, consumer products symbolize the manner in which individuals wish to portray themselves to others. The wealth of an individual helps in defining his/her public appearance. In the recent times, luxury cars have been among the most idolized status symbols. Expensive cars appeal because they can be flaunted by their owners as, in addition to being expensive, they are mobile. Contrary to the clothing brands, expensive brands of cars are widely known, and; therefore, almost everyone in the society has the capacity to gauge the wealth of the owner. Additionally, an individual does not have to be an expert with technology to tell cars apart on the basis of their models. Cars, therefore, fit into the symbolic framework with ease as compared to other categories of luxury goods.Such expensive commodities as cars symbolize affluence in circumstances, where they are out of reach for poorer people. They, therefore, display that the buyer can afford to pay the high price.  As the status symbol is attached on their high prices, the increase in price does not diminish demand for them. In the contemporary settings, cars are mainly considered being representations of wealth. Additionally, the society has come to attach masculinity, vitality, and power to car ownership. This is especially so since, with the emergence of the consumer culture in society, people have started to see cars to be status symbols.