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The plot of Dunkirk is loosely based on what actually occurred during World War II on the beaches of France, along the English Channel. In the film the audience is given three main perspective: ground, naval, and aerial, all perceived to happen simultaneously. 400,000 British and French soldiers are stranded on the beach waiting for evacuation as German fighter pilots bombard them with bomb without much opposition. There is a growing fear amongst the soldiers from the attacks on the ships and the approaching German army ever moving closer. The plots shows the film diegesis with the settings. At the beginning of the film the audience is shown the ground, air, and sea. The characters are aware about their settings as well as it is apart of the narrative. This however becomes non-diegetic when the audience is shown texts on the screen displaying the setting and relative time of the plot. Another major diegesis the moving German enemy. Like the characters in the film the audience never really sees the approaching German army. The threat is occasionally brought up in the film to still keep the suspense and fear the soldiers are experiencing.     The theme that Durkirk’s narration creates is on courage. The narrative focuses on three main sequences. By ground Alex a british army private, naval Mr. Dawson an old Englishmen, and by air a fighter pilot. In a narration dictated on fear these three characters show exceptional courage. On ground a Alex along with Gibson try to evacuate Dunkirk and the German bombing. They at point take refuge on an abandoned civilian boat along with several other British soldiers. The boat is sinking and Gibson is accused accused to be a German spy but is revealed to be actually a French soldier. Nevertheless the soldiers want to kick him off the boat to surely die but he is defended by Alex. Alex an english soldier himself went against his own countrymen to protect a French soldier. Although the French are allied with the British forces there is a strong presence of nationalism and priority toward one’s own countrymen. Alex show courage to protect Gibson is a powerful sentiment in the film.          We see the theme of courage again but not in a soldier but civilians an on a yacht. Mr. Dawson display of courage is seen throughout the film with his resilience to assist to evacuation of his own countrymen, risking him, Peter his son’s, and Peter’s friend George, lives in the process. As an old he could have stayed home as younger men fought the war. His courage and resilience to help evacuate the soldiers from Dunkirk is never regretted. Mr. Dawson even powerfully stated, “men like me dictate this war why shouldn’t I fight in it”(Dunkirk).Even Peter and George young boys not even old enough to fight in the war showed tremendous courage in times of fear. Ultimately costing George his life to a solder consumed by fear.     Lastly courage is seen as a theme once more in the air by Farrier a pilot. The Germans seem to own the sky and the only line of defense seems to be Farrier. Early in the film his fuel tank is damaged but regardless he still stays to fight as the last line of defense. Diegesis is constantly seen when the audience is shown Farrier staring are the fuel gage. The audience is reminded and is shown the courage and risk that Farrier is taking continuing the fight to defend the soldiers on the beaches and ships. Dunkirk shows a theme that in a plot filled with fear by ground, air, and sea there is still courage and hope of survival.