The 16-65. The main requirements by the user are

The main reason users want 5G is higher data speeds,
so the users use this 5G for the drones and other IoT services which needs
higher data speeds for efficient running of the services. In order to find as
to why else the users expect from 5G, Ericson has researched the requirements
of 5G by the users across USA, UK, Finland, Brazil, Germany, Argentina etc. The
users who use the cellphones and to whom the 5G are required are between ages
16-65. The main requirements by the user are as follows, simple data plans i.e.
users paying for what they use on a monthly basis. When talking about higher
data rates users opt for unlimited plans and hence the unlimited plans leads to
a higher price every month. Hence people doesn’t have a peace of mind as well
as freedom to use the data to their full satisfaction with the fear of paying a
higher price. There should be a way where the user can utilize the last month’s
unused data to this months allotted data so the user can feel satisfied for each
dollar he/she is paying every month. Even transferring the unused data back to
the service provider or to any other individual using the same service provider
or different service provider will make the usage of left over data to its maximum.
It does not necessarily be limited to only faster speeds but also requires long
lasting battery life and also the connection must not be limited to only
devices but also to all the IoT which needs high faster data speeds for efficient
utilization of the IoT services. For this purpose also they have made a single
fee pay for the IoT service which is different from the normal data plans so
that even if the service is pulling some extra data the user need not have to
pay extra as the service which he is using is IoT service. The users are also
trying to not fall for the service provider’s slogan rather experiencing the
network efficiency and service first hand. As per the reports less than 5% of
people believe the network service without actually using it.