Technology a Youtube video is to use one of

Technology is not persistent. We have a lot of new technologies being made every second. The golden age of Radio is long gone and, it has been replaced with a better and reliable technology. The said technology is none other than a Smartphone. “Smartphone” is an umbrella term given to a pocket-sized  PC. Unlike a conventional mobile phone, A Smartphone can perform better and most importantly, it runs faster. However, a smartphone’s performance depends upon an Operating System. Android, an OS developed by Google, is one of the widely accepted OS for a smartphone. Android has a lot of tricks under its sleeve, and not every trick is used by the users. Youtube is a prominent video streaming application/software that can be effectively used once you discover all the tricks related to it. Using relevant software or application, one can download Youtube videos at ease. If you are a newbie and you are still trying to figure out the essentials, fear not! We have got you covered. Here are some tips that will help you get through it. 1. Online Youtube ConvertersLet’s just start with a simple step. The easiest way to download a Youtube video is to use one of the services or websites, that effectively covert your youtube video to the desired format like mp4, mkv, 3gp etc. While you are at it, you can also convert your video to mp3 format as well. All you have to do is, to paste the Video link into the converter and select the resolution and format. Wait for a few seconds, and watch your video on your favorite music player. This works well and you can easily find online youtube converters. 2. In-built Offline mode on Youtube AppTry using the offline mode on Youtube. It comes with the Youtube app and easy to download. The only drawback of using it is that you have to open your youtube app every time for watching it. Moreover, you can not keep all the videos as offline as Youtube won’t support the said offline mode for all videos. So if you have any videos that can not be made offline on the app, try some of the alternatives discussed below. 3. Tubemate Well, since this might be a bit confusing and “workaholic”, I will give you a step by step tutorial. a) Download the TubeMate app and install it on your smartphone. Once you have it, make sure to test it once before continuing so that you could get a clear idea about the app. (Note:- Don’t waste time searching for TubeMate on Play store. Install the app directly from another website with the aid of a Google search). b) Once you have done that, next step is to head straight to Youtube. If you have a video that needs to be downloaded, simply tap the share(the one that looks like a curved arrow) and select TubeMate from the list of available apps. c) This launches a separate tab and opens the selected video on TubeMate. The last step is to select the desired resolution and press Download. Boom! You have your video saved. Congratulations!4. VidmateIf Tubemate sounds way too “mainstream”, then use Vidmate. Vidmate has a reliable interface that allows a user to download Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion etc. The reason why I think it’s better to choose Vidmate is that of the services it offers. You can and stream videos, not just from Youtube, but from various other websites. Download the app from Google as the application is not available in Play store. 5. “Magic” trick What’s better than closing a list with a so-called magic trick that surfaced on the internet, not long ago. I found this “magic” trick on Facebook. The trick is simple but, at the same time, it is somewhat similar to that of an online converter. Here is how this trick works. a) Go to youtube(not the app) and search for the video that you need. Don’t lose patience, Youtube search can be slow at times. b) Select the desired video from the search results. Once you have the video loaded, next step is to edit the link. c) For instance, assume that you need to download the video which has the following link:- the next step is to edit the link by including the word “Magic” between the terms”you” and “tube”. Like d) This will take you to a different tab which goes by the name save the video. From there you can download your video. Now you know how to keep yourself entertained in the absence of internet. Make sure to follow the aforementioned steps for downloading your videos. This will reduce your time for researching and learning. You are Welcome!