TALKING used to counter artillery and mortar shells11 –




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– Purpose:  To explain what the CV-22’s mission,
capabilities as well as what its current and future roles are


– The CV-22 Osprey:  mission and characteristics


— The mission of the CV-22 is “to conduct long-range infiltration,
exfiltration and resuppy

      missions for special operations forces”1


— The CV-22 Osprey is a combat aircraft that utilizes tiltrotor


— Tiltrotor technology enables the CV-22 to perform either vertical
takeoffs and landings or

 more traditional rolling takeoffs
or landings3


— During flight, the CV-22 is able to convert between a turboprop
airplane configuration and a

 helicopter like configuration mid


– Osprey Roles:  Multirole combat aircraft5


CV-22 Ospreys are used primarily with USAF Special Operations and are
functioning out

 of Hurlburt Field, Florida6


— The CV-22 is utilized by the USAF Special Operations Command for insertion,

 and finally resupply7


— The CV-22 also lends itself to combat search and rescue missions8


– The CV-22:  role in future conflicts


— A future role for the CV-22 can include being a light attack aircraft9


— Additionally, with advancing capability of directed energy weapons,
the future may allow the

CV-22 to “counter rockets”10


— Could also possibly be used to counter artillery and mortar shells11


– Conclusion:  The CV-22 is a multirole combat aircraft with unique
rotortilt technology that is   

used to insert, extract or resupply troops and will take on new roles as
future weapons continue

to develop




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