Surviving and me and mommy want to see you

Surviving The Runway of LifeWe arrived at the house with Jack’s family, Summer and her mother, uncle Po, aunt Kate, uncle Ben, Tata, Poppa, Justin, Via, Miranda, mom, dad, and I. We are going to celebrate with some ice cream and cake but the best part, in my opinion, is being with everyone and laughing with them (though I wouldn’t mind cake and ice cream). Bear came to greet us at the door with a toy in his mouth and I was suddenly reminded of Daisy. “Hey, your dog isn’t like the one on the postcard you sent to me, was it yours? Or did you buy it? If you did the companies model is adorable” said Jack, a pang of grief shot through me. The toy box behind me felt as if it were reminding me that daisy will always be with us, running through our home. Which made it hard to look away from Jack to hide my face so he wouldn’t think he did anything wrong, but (A) her toy box was behind me and I knew that I would burst into tears if I looked at it and (B) I couldn’t look anywhere else because I didn’t want to show the adults around us that I was having a hard time during such a joyous day, suddenly I felt trapped. As if sensing my sadness, dad came over and said, “Auggie, why are you down in the dumps? Aren’t you supposed to be a happy and clean (might I add) Auggie Doggie today?” I smiled a bit.”Dad you know I’m not down in the dumps, I’m standing right here and I also thought you promised never to call me Auggie Doggie again” I joked.”I have a feeling that you were thinking about Daisy, and I want you to know that she will always be apart of the family but you have to move on and be happy because there’s a long runway ahead of you and me and mommy want to see you take flight. Auggie, no one wants their loved ones getting hurt but it’s hard to save someone from their own thoughts.”I started to tear up and I sniffled a little, as it is with dad I started to crack up. The way I interpreted dad was to not let the bad things stop you from living your best life… and that your own thoughts can be able to solidify and take form then, betray you and throw a pie at your face. It was so funny that dad asked me what was wrong because I burst into tears, this time though they were happy tears. Since I wouldn’t be able to tell him my interpretation of his little speech when I am laughing hysterically I tried my best to calm down then told him. While I was talking, mom and Via came over “With your myriad of emotions we thought you were riding a rollercoaster through memory lane” said Via before dad started saying in a serious tone, “what I meant by saving someone from their own thoughts is that you can do reckless things when you are feeling a really intense emotion that prevents your racing brain from listening to reason. Although your way of thinking is much better, Auggie I would like to make a slight tweak to your thought, can it be broccoli pie? Or else I would probably eat all the pie before my thoughts even start to coalesce since I have a wired instinct to eat all the pie in sight.” We all laughed and I knew I wouldn’t only survive but thrive as long as I have them. Then, as everyone was leaving to get a slice of cake dad winked and mouthed no broccoli then Via, miranda,and mom swooped in to hug me and said exactly what I was thinking… in a way “You are a trooper and not a stormtrooper like in star wars but you are getting through life and conquering everything the universe has to throw at you because i’ve been told the universe was not kind to August Pullman, so we will make a world with people that will choose kindness first because you truly are a wonder and you deserve it Auggie.”