Success Project discussed many ways in which people can

is knowing that what you are doing is helping you and others lead a better,
happier, and healthier life. Being successful means that you achieve desired
visions and planned goals that you have set for yourself. Determination,
happiness, and mindset are all key components to success. In order to be
successful, one has to be willing to ask for help from others. It is vital that
people love what they do because they must dedicate many hardworking hours to
achieve success. In the book Outliers
Malcolm Gladwell explains the 10,000-Hour Rule. In order to be great, we must
dedicate 10,000 hours of our lives practicing and learning the thing we want to
be successful at. 10,000 hours breaks down to about 416 days. Throughout the
book, Gladwell describes many successful people who utilized the 10,000 Hour
Rule and became great. After reading and analyzing many of the stories, I
believe that Bill Joy led a life of great successes due to his determination,
mindset and his desire to learn.

Joy, sometimes referred to as the Edison of the Internet, is credited to be one
of the most influential people in the field of computing (Outliers, pg. 37). At
the age of sixteen, Joy begun college at the University of Michigan. He was
voted “Most Studious Student” by his graduating class. Joy thought that he
wanted to pursue a career as a biologist or a mathematician (Outliers, pg. 36).
However, he quickly came across the Computer Center at the university. Joy became
passionate about computer programming; he spent countless days and nights
perfecting his craft.

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Rubin in her book the Happiness Project
discussed many ways in which people can help themselves live a life full of
more joy. In order to be successful, it is important to be happy with one’s life.
People must get up each day and look forward to the day that lies ahead. People
who have a love and passion for their job live happier lives and are more
successful. One of the goals that Gretchen set for herself was to make time and
master a new technology. Bill Joy embodied both of these goals. He invested all
of his free time into computer programming and because of his hard work, he
eventually was able to master it. Joy came to the University of Michigan with
little to no experience with computers. During his time, computer programming
was a very difficult and tedious task. The technology that he was using was not
sophisticated and he needed to learn everything about computers. Joy spent the
time and put in the effort in order to be successful. Computer programming
wasn’t something that he grew up doing; it was something that he came across
and realized that he loved it and pursued his passion.

Bill Joy’s successes, we learn that with hard work and determination you can
accomplish anything. Joy worked extremely hard to become successful. Hard work
is the key to success. No one ever became successful by sitting on the couch
and eating popcorn. If we are really driven towards reaching success, you need
the right attitude and self-determination.

speak from my own experience when I state hard work is the key to success. For as
long as I can remember, volleyball has always been a passion of mine. In eighth
grade, I tried out for a club volleyball team. Unfortunately, the coaches did
not see my full potential and I was placed on the B team. At first, I was upset
and completely mortified. I thought to myself, well if I am not good enough for
the A team then why should I play at all? However, my parents convinced me to
give it a chance and I was so glad that I did. I really enjoyed being on the B
team. Not only did I improve as a player, but I believe I improved as a person.
We spent the whole season practicing for the state tournament that was held at
Penn State. On the first day of the tournament, we went 3-0 and played great.
On the last day, my team ended up beating the A team and advanced to the
semi-finals where we lost. We were so happy with the progress we had made. My
team spent so many hours practicing and perfecting our skills and it paid off.
This experience put everything in perspective for me. As long as you are willing
to work hard, great things will come your way.

individual’s mindset is another key factor to success. In the book Mindset, Carol Dweck puts into words how
mindset influences success. There are two types of mindsets– fixed mindset and
growth mindset. A person with a fixed mindset has the urgency to prove
themselves over and over again. They believe failure is the end of the world
and often give up. In contrast, a person who embodies a growth mindset finds
value in themselves. They have the desire to learn and see failure as an
opportunity to grow. Bill Joy exemplifies a growth mindset. He always strived
to learn new things and was very determined.

Carol Dweck and Malcolm Gladwell agree that success takes practice. Greatness
doesn’t come to everyone; it is the hard work that brings about success. Gladwell
circled around the idea of growth mindset but he never used the term. He stated
that people must take the opportunities that they are given and run with them. Dweck
asserts that people with the growth mindset takes every opportunity they are
given because they are not afraid of failure. They are willing to run the extra
mile to pursue their passion. The 10,000 Hour Rule and having a growth mindset
run parallel to each other. If a person practiced 10,000 hours on something
that they were good at, they gave a growth mindset to begin with. Individuals
with a growth mindset work extremely hard and are self-motivated.  Dweck and Gladwell have different ways of
expressing their ideas, but overall, they both have the same message. They
advise people to take every opportunity you are given and run with it.

Outliers, Mindset, and The Happiness
Project all portray the idea that hard work leads to success. Hard work is
the inspiration that leads people to succeed in life and pursue their goals
until they become professionals. Hard work promotes success immediately or in
time to come. Success is something that everyone has to work hard to accomplish
and achieve. The price of success is hard work. People must have the right
mindset in order to be determined to put in the effort. When people are
determined, they often have passion and are happy to do their work. Those who
have determination, happiness, and the right mindset are able to achieve