Subculture is like, but they still take in some

is a culture of a smaller version of a big culture. Meaning is separates itself
from a larger group of people into its own group creating their own rules and
lifestyle. They are quite different than what the entire culture is like, but
they still take in some parts that the larger culture society brings up. An
example of a subculture could be vegans. These people still take in from the entire
society their origins but they choose to be a little bit different in order to
please their desires.  In Belarus, where
I was born, we never knew what the word “vegan” even meant because we always
had animals and got most of our food from them, that is how most of the culture
is. We always ate meat and other foods that come from animals. However, those
that lived in the city were much healthier and there was a certain amount of people
that were vegan and they represent the subculture of our culture.

counter culture is a culture that disagrees with the larger group of the culture.

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They are actually completely different and like to do things their own way
comparing to everyone else. An example of a counter coulter could be a feminist
group. They completely disagree that men and women are different and believe
that they all should be treated the same. They created a group that supports
each others opinion and are sometimes against the general thinking of everyone.

My friend is a feminist and she always talks about how women do not get the
same treatment.

Media has an important role of getting everyone go along with
what the major popularity wants, according to Antonio Gramsci. “If domination
means getting people to do what you want through the use of force, hegemony
means getting them to go along with the status quo because it seems like the
best course or the natural order of things” (Conley, 2017, p. 95). Role of media, as
described by hegemony, is to get everyone to go along with the same idea, it
shapes the culture. An example of this could be social media. Any form of
social media. If we see something on Twitter that talks about how running makes
you extra smart, everyone might start to run more. Someone posted a really
good-looking photo of a healthy breakfast they had, it was an avocado toast,
and now I make myself avocado toast for breakfast sometimes. It is because something
I saw on social media motivated me.