Statement Venture Beat to ecommerce event based app like

Statement of Purpose”The key to artificial intelligence has always been the
representation.” – This quote by Jeff Hawkins has always inspired me ever since
I read about him in web article when I was doing Bachelors and interested me in
the field of Artificial Intelligence. Being an integral part of Software and
Mobile app development team, I was fascinated how a mobile application or a software
can assist people or help them resolve their problems with the help of
Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining. 
Computer Engineering was always a no-brainer for me.
Good scores in the computer science and mathematics in high school allowed me
to get into Engineering school and major in Computer Science. The school curriculum
introduced me to various facets of Computer Engineering – Design and Analysis
of Algorithms, Database Management System, and Software Engineering etc., and
their application through lab work and team projects. Internship with A1
Technology Pvt. Ltd. amid school gave me an opportunity to apply this learning
and gain valuable experience where I worked towards Android application
development with an emphasis on application design and software development
lifecycle.Upon graduation, I joined Mobile Programming LLC as
an Assistant Software Engineer (Android). I worked on a variety of products
from News feeder apps like Venture Beat to ecommerce event based app like
GiftFund. Within a year, I was promoted as a Software Engineer and got an opportunity
to work onsite for one of our biggest clients – Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited. I
worked on an Open Source Jio-Education project with the openEDX team and built mobile
apps viz. (JioMusic, JioMags). I’m currently working as a Software Developer with Channelplay
Limited and have developed applications like 1Channel, 1View and 1Office for
Channelplay and my major focus has been on the architectural and structural
components of an application. The process of learning is continuous and I have been
enrolled in many online Certifications like Java Design Patterns and
Architecture, Appium Mobile Automation, Integrating Node JS Server with Android
Application and Build Android apps with Kotlin. I
aspire to study the Master of Engineering in Computer Science at University of
British Columbia because it is amongst the top 10 universities in Canada is
known for its work and research in machine learning, data management and mining
and Algorithms. I found the program at University of British Columbia well
suited to my interests and career aspirations.  I am confident that studying at the University
of British Columbia will empower me with the sound knowledge and would help me
to acquire the necessary skills to accelerate my career pace for employability
prospects and career development. My
ambition is to develop intellectual and highly compatible softwares and
applications which are based on the technologies like artificial intelligence and
machine learning. These softwares and applications would help in many areas
like astronomy, medical sciences, heathcare, etc. and will also allow easy
access to the people on their mobile devices. I am sure that the highly
acclaimed MS Program at University of British Columbia will help me fulfil my


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