Statement submitted a project in final year with the

Statement of Purpose


As an undergrad at the Universiti Tenaga Nasional, Malaysia, I studied Mechanical Engineering while taking various classes in renewable and sustainable energy. These sessions have granted me a solid foundation of vital environmental management including alleviation, remediation, adaptation, and other sustainable acknowledgments to environmental change. I understand that the significance of the environmental ecosystem is essential for the survival and presence of our earth. This reason initially motivates me to study an environmental course in optimism to create a particular for the environment in the near future. The importance of the environment to the world continuously astounds me as it is an immensely compelling force that affects our society in whole sectors. I purpose to utilize my knowledge in these areas to arm myself becomes a responsible and aware decision maker to support the advancement of more environmentally responsible business and government practices. I am convinced that the University of Oxford will assist me further improve these abilities.

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My undergraduate courses in mechanical engineering and subjects on alternative energy engendered my interest in an environmental profession. I am intrigued explicitly in grasping how renewable and sustainable energy affects the environment and how to diminish the negative impacts of conventional energy. Professor Malcolm McCulloch’s work in developing powertrains for electric and hydrogen vehicles is an excellent example. I would like to study the introduction of hydrogen fuel into the Indonesia transportation system for a sustainable and environmental future. The Indonesian government climate roadmap and the carbon emission mitigation program are acknowledged utilizing a structure of environmental sustainability.

Also, I have developed a particular enthusiasm in the field of energy conservation. Among the 180 students in the course, I was selected to be in the top 25 in the final year project at my campus. I submitted a project in final year with the title Performance study of thermoelectric generation system (TEGs) through the waste heat recovery process, which runs on the principle of energy harvesting, i.e., handling the heat in combustion, or other thermal processes and directly transforming into electrical energy following Seebeck effect. It was well accepted and recognized by department professors and H.O.D as well. The ultimate objective of this work is to utilize the energy recovered from the waste heat. This system has a potential in the case of waste heat recovery, and it has several advantages such as durability, environmentally friendliness, no-moving mechanical parts, quiet, and demanding little care.

In the year 2010, I was selected to be one of the 12 Youth Ambassadors for HFHL (Healthy Food Healthy Living) program from VECO Indonesia. VECO Indonesia is an NGO that helps the advancement of sustainable agriculture chains (SACD), encompassing innovative sustainable agricultural systems for production, value adding of SA commodities to profit family farmers, developed access to markets, and stimulating consumers to buy products from SA chains. These ambassadors were sent to Belgium to present the HFHL program to approximately 800 youngsters. They are encouraged to work for one day, and the funds were donated to the HFHL program in Bali and Solo for three years. This involvement and experience have given me understanding in sustainable development.

On the other hand, my professional experiences will fit in preparation for the ECM program. I am currently working at the Institute of Energy Policy and Research (IEPRe) in Malaysia since November 2016. IEPRe is a part of the Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN)’s Imperative Transformation Initiative to pioneer research and consultancy projects in the field broadly considered as a niche to UNITEN. The establishment of it as Malaysia needs to focus on the issues associated with energy and environment, which would provide to the government, organization and other stakeholders in shaping wise decisions. In my profession as a research assistant, I am responsible for three main job scopes which require me to conduct literature reviews, collect, and analyze data. Next, I am assigned the duty to interact with relevant bureaus and provide outcomes from the existing research projects. Lastly, I also produce progress reports and monitor the project funds. For the past one year, I have managed to assist my project leader in finishing several works such as thermoelectric generation system (TEGs) through the waste heat recovery process, Climate change mitigation: a comparative assessment of Malaysian and ASEAN scenarios, and Implications of climate change damage for agriculture: sectoral evidence from Pakistan. Due to my past performance, my project leader entrusted me to be entirely in charge of a project which focuses on solar power and the title is an analysis of Improvised Solar Power Performance by using a Dual-Axis tracker system.

Upon fulfilment of the ECM program, I am looking for a job that will address a real and permanent difference in our societies. I intend to pursue a role in sustainable development and renewable energy within a preeminent organization. An employer that aids in the promotion of more environmentally sustainable practices, such as such as Statoil, Neste Oil, Adidas, and Schneider Electric would be perfect. I firmly believe that a master’s degree in environmental management will not only equip me with the necessary training required for employment with such a company but also will notably affect my prospect of working to enhance and transform our environment for the better. The extent of courses and the professional group project give the hands-on experience that I need to begin a career in environmental management. The completion of a master’s program at the University of Oxford of environmental change and management is paramount to my preparation for employment in the environmental industry. I am confident that the ECM program will springboard me into such a career and this route will support my goal of discovering a possibly revolutionary renewable energy for global use for an environmentally sustainable future.