STATEMENT reading a lot of Science books and took



Aspirations are meant for reliving
your dream. Being a strong believer of perusing my dream as a young kid. I grew
up reading a lot of Science books and took part in the Science exhibitions
which helped in showcasing my ideas at the young age, quenching my thirst
towards the amusement of Science. It was in the high school that I decided to
take up the love towards the subject to a next level where I chose to go in for
Mathematics and Science as my main papers for the Higher Secondary examination,
with no surprise I came out with flying colours by securing a remarkable
92% in my Mathematics paper.

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I have pursued my B.E (Bachelor
of Engineering) in Electronics and communication engineering from a
renowned institution which enlightened my thoughts over my areas of interest
which included Wireless Communication, Transmission lines and Wave guides,
Digital Communication. My strong foundation in Mathematics helped in acquiring
practical and theoretical knowledge which paved way for new ideas and
implementation of them. Being able to understand the nuisances behind the
technology and the never ending passion which I possessed helped me in thriving
towards publishing my idea on ‘The Design of Multiplexer using CMOS Ternary
Logic’  in a National Level journal
contest conducted at TARAS’14(Annual Technical event in college). I have also
completed  Inplant training at HCL
Technologies in ‘Real Time concepts of Software and Networking Domain’ which
gave me a holistic idea on the latest technologies used in real time

During my tenure as an Undergraduate
I have taken up a course with BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, Largest
telecommunication network in India) which recognised me as a Certified
Network Engineer at the end of the three-month long course. The Icing on
the Cake being my final year project that was funded by my Electronics and
Communication department which included months of brainstorming sessions and
many sleepless nights that evolved as an idea initially and later being
impeccably implemented in the final year project as a working model. My project
named ‘Multiband Micro strip Patch Antenna for Multifunctional Purpose’ was
implemented on the main idea of increasing the bandwidth for devices like WiMAX,
WLAN for improving the directivity of the connected devices.

Having equipped myself with a
competent knowledge in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering
and the realms of computer technologies instrumental in creating advancements
in the Network industry, I joined Capgemini (Legacy IGATE Global
Solutions) as a Software Engineer after completing my under graduation in
May 2015. I was trained in Mainframe domain for three months and joined the
team as a Mainframe developer where I was working for an application named
“Surveyor” which involved three projects under my queue. I got promoted as a
Senior Software Engineer in October 2016 where I developed a proficient Domain
knowledge providing Knowledge transfer to the new colleagues in the team with
my exuberant Inter Personal skills. Observing my analytical skills I was assigned
a major project ‘One Acquisition’ under the application named ‘Genasys ‘ where
I had to meticulously analyse the efficiency of the strategies used in the
Surveyor application and implement the same for the Genasys  application by executing interdepartmental co-ordination
for renowned clients like Walmart, Amazon and few more. The project provided a
one stop solution for deployment of all the client applications that were
developed by our team. My key responsibilities include co-ordination with team
members situated in different locations across the globe (both offshore and
onsite) understanding the client demands and delivering a flawless product to
the customer. I have also provided Maintenance support to projects that were
already delivered by fixing the bugs and attending emergency tickets in case of
high priority tasks. I have been recognised for my quick learning capacity and
my good analytic skills.  


New Zealand International Education strategy that highlights on the universities’
commitment to internationalization and the multi-faceted approach to
international education makes New Zealand an appealing choice to build my
career. As the leading research university in New Zealand, the University of
Auckland is committed to the quality and excellence. Auckland is New Zealand’s
largest city and one of the fastest growing. As New Zealand’s financial and
economic powerhouse, there are opportunities in many sectors especially in the
Telecommunication Sector.


ultimate desire is to study in a university with insightful research
opportunities in Telecommunication that Captivated me to apply for Master’s
Program in Electrical and Electronics Engineering  at Auckland University in New Zealand. I
firmly believe that I can contribute to ongoing research in this University
which would help me to increase my knowledge. I am confident that I meet all
the requirements for a student to study in one such campus as Auckland University.
I am eager to be part of a team that would give me opportunities to widen my
knowledge, hone my skills, with an excellent platform for advanced learning.
This is supported by my tendency to easily mingle with people. My intuitive
skill of observing things from a different perspective procures me innovative
and constructive ideas transcending me to a student striving for higher
education at an esteemed institution.


With my Assertive skills I strongly
believe that my career should grow in an environment that helps me in procuring
my success not just in materialistic growth but also to contribute to the world
as we are responsible for providing a better future to the upcoming generation
by extending my contribution in the areas of Research and Development. I firmly
believe that New Zealand is my destination for one such dream