St. from a very royal family. She believed in

St. Cecilia was born in 200 AD and died on November 22 in 230 AD. St Cecilia was the patron saint of music and she could hear angels singing. Her feast day is November 22.?St. Cecilia’s symbol can be any instrument, but she is mostly known for the harp.? The prayer of St. Cecilia?St. Cecilia,?Pray for us?That we make music?In our hearts to God?And manifest our love ?For Him in our daily deeds?In the Holy Name of Jesus?We pray?Amen.?St. Cecilia was a Roman nobleman who came from a very rich family. Her parents made her marry Valerian, a pagan noble. After her wedding she told Valerian she had a secret. She said to him “I have a secret to tell you. You must know that I have an angel of God watching over me. If you let me keep my promise to be Christ’s bride only, my angel will love you as he loves me.” Valerian was surprised and said, “Show me this angel. If he comes from God, I will do as you wish.”? Cecilia then said, “If you believe in the one true God and receive the waters of Baptism, then you will see my angel.” Valerian visited Bishop Urban to be Baptized. After he had been baptized and one with the Christian religion, he was  returned to St. Cecilia. There by the her side, Valerian saw the Holy Angel.?The angel placed a crown of flowers on each of their heads, and offered Valerian a favor and Valerian asked that his brother to be baptized. They then lived happily together.? St Cecilia was from a very royal family. She believed in Jesus and followed the path of Christ by praying every day. Her mother and father were also very religious.? She became a Saint when she was teaching many people in their home about faith and to love God as much as she did. Eventually, when the word reached the governor, she was arrested and tortured. They locked her in a room with fires surrounding her. She was there for about 48 hours, but she was perfectly fine when the guards took her out. They then made her suffer and she lived for 3 days before she died. That is what made her a saint.?The reason why I chose saint Cecilia is because she was a caring person who loved everyone no matter if they were rich or poor. She also had a strong passion for music and playing instruments, which I do too. Also, St. Cecilia was very strong about her faith, she loved God and prayed to him every minute of each day. She never gave up on her dreams and never let people give up on theirs. She inspires me to be like her one day and to follow her footsteps.? I most admire that St. Cecilia was brave and prays for us. St. Cecilia is a good role model for us because she taught the many people of her town about God. Also, she loves us no matter what. She prays for us every day and the people of this world. She loves each and every one of us.?????