“SHOWER gown for dinner, JML Mini Satin Dress for




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Jo Malone is originally very well-known as British fragrance and scented candle house throughout the world. Their mission
is to create the characterized and personalized scent, giving the importance of
art of gift giving. JML Pyjamas will be the extension line with the same
concept provides consumers with personalized Lounge wear gown and accessories
to suit their lifestyles, while making it as convenient and as easy as
possible. JML instant personalization will directly delivered to consumer’s
homes same day or next day, also offering collecting in the collection point,
The product is becoming essential and fashionable, which is suitable to all
occasions, consumers can wear it as lounge wear, work wear or even party wear
and however, up to now they have targeted only female consumers and this report
seeks to adapt their marketing strategy to include male consumers and all other
luxurious lifestyle conscious who values art of gift giving and personalized


Jo Malone Intimate targets
consumers who is fashionable, sociable, elegant, neutral and like traveling and
lifestyle. The main target is at the age range of 25 to 39 year-old, followed
up with the upper middle-aged range of 55-65 and then 18-24 year-old. Also
women and men who is from London and traveling outside of London and anyone
who’s visiting London; they will buy it as souvenir. For sophisticated people
who cares about details and quality but struggling finding exclusive stuff, the
brand is there to make their lives easier by providing an easy and customizable
service. The design of our products offer a multi-usage for many occasion such
as: JML gown for dinner, JML Mini Satin Dress for Party, Jo Malone Signature
Pyjamas Set for Work and Etc. People who consume these products can expect to
develop their lifestyle over time and better overall look. At the same time,
they have seen sufficient style, they face a marketing challenge, and that is,
to find an effective way to market these premium-luxurious lounge-wear products
to both male and female customers.


is the systematic, theoretical analysis of the methods applied to a field of
study. It comprises the theoretical analysis of the body of methods and
principles associated with a branch of knowledge. Typically, it encompasses
concepts such as paradigm, theoretical model, phases and quantitative or
qualitative techniques. 1


In order
to research Jo Malone and the Pyjamas industry as a whole, researcher depended
on secondary research to help answer our questions. Online research provided
the most of the information we needed for this analytical report.

Using the
internet as the main source of our research offers access to information about
the company’s background, positioning, and marketing strategies as well as that
of their competitors’. Their website and other related articles offer details about
their consumer base, social media presence, and marketing challenges and
opportunities. Based on the knowledge gained from the online research, researcher
has been able to identify possible marketing opportunities that would be very
beneficial to the company. Researcher understands who the Brand extension’s
consumers are and their psychographic characteristics. Identifying Jo Malone
most prominent consumer base and analysing the company’s current market
strategy shed light on ways they could expand their target segment to reach
more individuals.