Several validated by experts and teachers in special education

studies especially in the Philippines even encourage educators to develop
skillbooks or modules for their students, much more for the students with
special needs.  Deaf students will
benefit much from this tool because mastery of the subject and comprehension
will help them go places.

In general,
educators of the deaf have found that deaf

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are passive readers, and have underdevelopedcritical thinking skills. They have
more difficulty with research due to reading skills, and lack the ability to
integrate existing knowledge with new information because their schemata are
less developed.

Ideas and
knowledge to be applied has been developed through research based on the
concept of Schema and Vygotsky’s theory. The concept of the Schema theory is to
assist students in becoming independent by activating their prior knowledge.
This enables students to expand their metacognitive awareness, develop their
research and communication skills resulting in meaningful knowledge building,
and to compare their new knowledge with their prior knowledge. Vygotsky’s
concept of the social nature of learning and the role of mediation to
facilitate peer interaction in classroom discourses is utilized in this model.
This approach encourages students to work in groups to think about issues and
questions, gives students an opportunity to develop their interests, and
facilitates comprehension of text through peer interaction.

It is the
researcher’s belief that the guided workbook or communication tool validated by
experts and teachers in special education should be used as a backbone to a
teacher’s own enhanced reading program. Teachers can take reliefin the fact
that structured materials can take away a lot of thefrustrating guesswork a
teacher faces when trying to decide what skills are important to teach. When
using multi-media tool, the teacher has the opportunity to actually guide her
students through skill book independently.The teacher can focus on subject
content, reasoning, high thinking skills, and theme. Through guided activities,
students have the opportunity to consciously gain the skillsthey need to
“attack” an unknown text because teachers are provided with
materialsthat help them to skillfullyplan studying the lessons, which build their
students’ skills and confidence.  At the
same time, teachers can allow themselvesto be creative in their choice of what they
want to teach and how they want to present the lessons that will develop the
skills required of students who are learning how to read.