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Saving Private Ryan came out on July 24, 1998. Steven Spielberg directed this summer hit that went on to win 5 Oscars. During the world war 2 d-day invasion, a squad of soldiers led by captain john miller played by to hanks is sent to find and rescue private James Ryan played by Matt Damon and return him to his mother in America who has already lost her other three sons in world war 2. Slowly throughout this movie this squad of 8 men dies off until the end where only 2 remain. whenever a soldier in the squadron dies their comrades take any messages left behind. It all starts with private caparzo played by Vin Diesel who wrote a letter to his father. During the first half of the movie, he is disobeying captain miller and trying to save a little girl. In the process of this, he is shot by a sniper and quickly bleeds to death. The medic wade played by Giovanni Ribisi take the letter off his body and copies it because it is covered in blood. And later on in the movie, he gets shot by a turret in the stomach and quickly bleeds to death. Throughout this movie, anyone who holds the letter is killed off quickly after receiving it. The letter acts as a motif within the movie showing how soldiers honor their fallen comrades despite how many of them pass on. Every person in the movie that takes it understands its significance. They all feel an unspoken need to deliver the letter because to them it means whoever delivers it means they have made it out alive. Steven Spielberg also uses this to show the squadron bond. Wade makes the copy of it because he understands its importance to caparzo and he knew he had to carry out caparzo’s dying wish, along with everyone else who also carried the letter. The letter also represents private James Ryan in a sense because it shows how these eight men all risked their lives to save one man. Also, some of them gave their lives to deliver caparzo’s letterThe leader of the squadron captain miller an English teacher who has gone through and survived things so unspeakable that he fears that his wife won’t recognize him if and when he returns home. All of the characters under him are deliberately ordinary because Spielberg didn’t want them to be the crazy stereotypical characters in a traditional world war 2 movies. That being said they were still very interesting and were wrote for very well. The one character that really stuck with me was corporal Upham played by Jeremy Davis the scared little interpreter. Because of his actions he gets two of his own men killed. His character shows how many men that were drafted into world war two were, afraid, and rightfully so. the man that killed one of his companions was the same man he released earlier in the movie. After he sees this he has his redeeming moment where he does what he should have done throughout the rest of the movie, man up.In conclusion, this is a work of art by Steven Spielberg like most of his movies are. I give this movie my highest recommendation. Spielberg along with legendary composer John Williams did a great job with the camera-work and inspiring and patriotic music. This is a fantastic movie with an all-star cast, and I highly suggest that you give it a watch.