Romeo and fear remain a constant. Love and fear

Romeo And Juliet  Human behavior is determined by a great deal of factors including culture and society. Changes in behavior might differ from one era to the next, but larger issues like love and fear remain a constant. Love and fear in Romeo and Juliet are important to life as they are today. Both of these factors are of course influenced by culture and society, but they are the source of all other emotions. Thus, Romeo and Juliet is still relevant even though culture and society have changed, love and fear still influence our world. Love is still very relevant in our day and age, love ranges from many ages young to old. Romeo and Juliet loved one another very much. If they couldn’t be together their world would be torn apart, but that was the main problem they couldn’t be together, because their families were enemies, which resulted to both of their deaths. The way that Romeo and Juliet loved each other changed drastically over these past years. In modern times, if someone fell in love with someone but their families didn’t get along very well they would probably move somewhere far away from there families,if they knew that their relationship was going to work out, or things can go the opposite direction. Where the 2 couples listen to their families and agree that their decision is right .I can also put my feet in Romeo and Juliet’s shoes because if I knew that i found the love of my life, the person that I would want to spend the rest of my life with and I couldn’t be with that person, because our families are enemies, I would work out a solution so that both families could see that they shouldn’t have such a tight grudge against each other, and that we have to love one another then, to hate one another because life is too short for that. We all have those times when we fear something, it may be a situation that we fear sometimes, we think that a situation is going to turn out badly then we think. Fear was one of the main problems in Romeo and Juliet because, Romeo and Juliet really loved one another so much that they wanted to get married to each other, but they feared that their parents wouldn’t agree with that decision because Juliet’s mother wanted her to think  about getting married to Paris, but once Juliet saw Romeo everything changed from there and Romeo and Juliet, went through with their marriage. Nowadays we still struggle with fear and if we struggle with fear to an extent, that it’s really bothering us we have ways and strategies to help us, you can get someone to talk to so you can ask them their opinion on things, and you can talk to them about things that bother you and they can help you overcome your fear. In our generation we deal with situations differently than Romeo and Juliet. I can make a connection to dealing with fear because when I have a big test that is coming up in one of my classes, I’m always thinking about the test and even when I haven’t written the test yet,but I talk to my mom about it  and she always gives me strategies  and ways that I can get my head off of thinking about the test, and  talking it over really helps me. In the story of Romeo and Juliet the main lesson is, we can’t make rash decisions   because sometimes those decisions can have some consequences. In today’s society young people are still moved by love and fear because nowadays everyone is looking for a loved one to grow old with, so they would do anything for that person because they are scared of losing them. Fear was one of the problems that Romeo and Juliet had a problem with, but I really do think that Romeo and Juliet could have succeeded against fear if their families weren’t enemies, so they wouldn’t have to worry about getting secretly married to each other, but unfortunately Romeo and Juliet didn’t succeed against fear, and everything got out of hand,and sadly a perfect love story wasn’t so perfect at the end.