Right Verona, Italy. The key to his success is

Right in the heart of a tiny picturesque border town, where the Bavarian territory intermingles with the Austrian territory, Angelo Vasile chose to open a little south Italian restaurant to seduce locals and tourists with Italian delicacies. The building is one of the oldest in town and seems to have gotten a little long in the tooth, but you should definitely not judge the book by its cover here. In 2006, Angelo fulfilled his dream of opening his own restaurant. He is a great supporter of locally produced fruits and vegetables; this is why all his ingredients either stem from the town’s organic grocery store or from his brother’s Italian delicatessen store in Verona, Italy. The key to his success is creating a perfect good old Italian dish through simplicity: “I always look for the freshest seasonal ingredients possible, and then I use basic cooking techniques to simply enhance the natural flavor of the food”. But a cruel stroke of fate cast a shadow over their success and turned their life upside down: in 2010, the pizzeria had been completely destroyed by a fire due to a technical defect at the pizza oven.  “It was a hard time and a laborious process to reconstruct our restaurant”, said Angelo, “but I will never give up my passion”. As soon as you set foot in the cozy little restaurant with its six dark heavy oak-wood tables you can not only see, but especially smell the delightfully baked pizzas as they slide freshly out of the oven, which immediately puts on your vacation mode and makes you feel as if you were directly in bella Italia’ living the ‘dolce vita.’ It is a place with a special, but familiar atmosphere created through a romantic combination of dimmed light and countless candles; and the icing on the cake:  the open kitchen with the wood burning warmth spreading brick pizza oven. The restaurant’s wine list is carefully selected with an emphasis on bottles from Italy. We opted for a fruity white Chardonnay with enough acidity to accompany our journey through the Italian cuisine. We could not resist starting dinner with generous portions of Bruschettta which made our mouths watering at the mere sight, with its combination of ripe and well-seasoned tomatoes and fresh lush green basil leaves, not to mention the irresistible fragrance of lightly toasted house-made Ciabatta drizzled with grassy olive oil and refined with a delicate garlic note.  Angelo’s menu showcases a wide variety of Italian dishes, from simple pastas to lush seafood and pizza creations dreamed up by the kitchen. One such dish is the Spaghetti ai frutti di mare – “fruits of the sea”, with its perfectly cooked pasta, ready for seasoning and flavoring with natural spices and ingredients. Blended with clams and mussles, loaded with Omega-3s, tossed with garlic, olive oil and doused with white wine it’s not only seared to perfection, but it’s also a testament to how much care and effort Angelo can exert.The best main is a simple classic pizza, recommended heartily by the waitress (Angelo’s wife): A doughy perfection, topped with spicy tomato sauce, covered in the creamy incarnation of Mozzarella di Buffalo (buffalo mozzarella). This classic pizza only contains the simplest, typically basic Italian ingredients, but with its glorious puffy brown crusts, polished with a little extra virgin olive oil and a touch of fresh basil leaves this pizza is baked to a heavenly perfection. No promises are broken in the making of the meals. It’s just good taste created through simple natural ingredients. Sometimes less is more. Sometimes simplicity is even perfect.