Review: Top 10 best whitening toothpaste for sensitive teeth in 2018
A lot of people work hard to whiten their teeth. Despite this, they make mistakes while choosing the toothpaste that is able to do teeth whitening job. In addition, most people who desire to whiten their teeth face teeth sensitivity issues. Teeth sensitivity is caused by cracked teeth or gingivitis. In this review, you will get to know the top ten whitening toothpaste for sensitive teeth so that you can efficiently select.
1. Sensodyne, for 24/7 Sensitivity Protection and Extra-Whitening Toothpaste. ASIN: B001ET6YCE
This tooth paste gently removes stains and does not irritate sensitive teeth. Therefore people with sensitive teeth can whiten their teeth using this paste. It has a mild taste that is pleasant and does not overwhelm.
2. Colgate, Sensitive Maximum Strength Whitening Toothpaste. ASIN: B01LTHYWB0
This toothpaste whitens teeth and also provides teeth sensitivity protection. Optimum results are got after consistent brushing of teeth at least twice a day. This toothpaste has potassium nitrate and the sensitivity active ingredient that is approved by the FDA.
3. Tom’s of Maine Toothpaste. ASIN: B003EMKNK8
This toothpaste uses hydrated and purified silica which is a mild abrasive that gradually and gently removes stains from your teeth. This toothpaste is ideal for sensitive teeth that does not tolerate peroxide-based formulations.
4. Crest 3D White Advanced Vivid Enamel Renewal. ASIN: B004V2MYX
This toothpaste has a great tasting formula that whitens teeth by polishing off surface stains and also strengthens the enamel of teeth. This toothpaste does all these without the painful whitening strips. Within two weeks, you will start to notice your teeth becoming brighter.
5. Arm and Hammer Complete Care Enamel Strengthening. ASIN: B00GDEAA7K
Arm ; Hammer Enamel strengthening toothpaste gently removes stains on tooth surface by the use of peroxide and baking soda that is non-abrasive. In addition, the baking soda helps in preventing bad breath. This tooth paste is therefore recommended to people who have sensitive teeth.
6. Sensodyne ProNamel Gentel whitening. ASIN: B001OOLF82
This toothpaste is favourite among users with sensitive teeth. It gently whitens the teeth without any irritation. Its formulations prevents acid erosion by making the acid-softened enamel to be strong.
7. Opalescence Whitening Toothpaste. ASIN: B004YWOMZE
This is one of most accepted whitening tooth paste. It whitens teeth within a week and is gentle to people with sensitive teeth. All ingredients in this toothpaste are natural and thus have no side effects.
8. Activated Charcoal Teeth-whitening Toothpaste: ASIN: B076ZXSR78
This whitening toothpaste cleans teeth gently without damaging the enamel. It can be used with people who have sensitive teeth. It is formulated with natural products and therefore there in no harmful chemicals.
9. Activated Charcoal Teeth -whitening Toothpaste with Coconut. ASIN: B0742QNF6T
Similarly this toothpaste is fluoride free and it has coconut oil that naturally fights bacteria in the mouth. Activated charcoal doesn’t affect sensitive teeth. This toothpaste whitens teeth in its first round of use.
10. ARM & HAMMER Sensitive Teeth & Gums toothpaste. ASIN: B01EXEKPLC
This toothpaste has capacity to neutralize acids that could damage the teeth. It is gentle and thus doesn’t affect the enamel. The baking soda gently whitens teeth. This toothpaste is recommended to people who want to whiten their teeth but have teeth sensitivity
Toothpaste provides a person with clean, healthy breath and gums by removing bacteria and food plaque. When choosing the best toothpaste, various factors including quality, capacity to whiten teeth without irritating sensitive teeth, effectiveness and efficiency are considered. The above ten toothpaste are a good choice to people who want to whiten their teeth but constrained with the problem of teeth sensitivity